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One of the many famous serial killers in the twentieth century was Theodore Robert Bundy (Ted Bundy).

Ted Bundy, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Death

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Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Date of Death, Nationality of Ted Bundy
When Ted’s mother married Johnnie Culpepper Bundy in May 1951 in Tacoma, Washington, when Theodore was four years old, Theodore took his step-father’s last name of Bundy....

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Bundy was arrested and charged as a serial killer but also accused of kidnapping, rape, burglary and necrophilia.

-He was finally arrested and booked and he told the arresting officer "I wish you would of killed me"
First Arrest - August 1975:
-Police pulled Bundy over from suspicion of a stolen vehicle.
-Found incriminating evidence in his vehicle that he partially explained.
-Police searched his apartment because he matched the description of the suspect from an earlier kidnapping, but didn't find enough evidence to jail him yet.
-A few months later he was brought to Aspen, Colorado for a preliminary hearing because he was picked out of a lineup.
-Bundy represented himself in court and was excused to research his case in the library during a recess.


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it was suspected that his very abusive racist grandfather was his real dad but it was never fully proven.
His "Discovery" of the cover up
He found out about his mother and grandparents lie when he investigated his birth certificate
Why he started to kill?
Mode of Operation
Bundy confessed to 30 homicides, but the true total remains unkown.
Psychological Explanation
It was originally believed that Ted Bundy could have a number of psychological disorders such as bi-polar disorder and multiple personality disorder.
More Early Life
"Guilt doesn't solve anything" "I'm in the enviable position of not having to deal with guilt"

- Ted Bundy
Ted Bundy
-Deception by parents and grandparents
-his grandfather would frequently talk to unseen presences
-His aunt awoke from a nap and was surrounded by kitchen knives on the bed with three year old Ted in the door way smiling
- was suspected to have been abused by grandfather
Years later he told his attorney that the common estimate of 35 was more accurate.

While in the library, hidden by a bookcase, he escaped out the window.
-Bundy was on the run for 6 days, but was pulled over for weaving in and out of his lane and brought back to jail.
2nd Escape - 1977:
-Over a six month period he lost 35 pounds, collected a hacksaw blade from another inmate, and $500 and slowly began to carve a hole in the ceiling of his cell.
December 30, 1977:
-With most of the jail staff on Christmas break, Bundy easily escapes through the crawlspace and finds his way to the chief jailer's apartment where he changes into normal clothes and walks out the front door to freedom.
Ted Bundy is one of the few people to be considered a true sociopath.

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Ted Bundy was a very smart individual who had attended college at various colleges, studying law and finally receiving his degree in psychology from the University of Washington....

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Velma Margie (Bullard) Barfield was born on October 23, 1932, in rural South Carolina. She was the second oldest child of nine and oldest daughter to Murphy and Lillie Bullard. Murphy was a small tobacco and cotton farmer. Soon after Velma's birth, the family had to give up the farm and move in with Murphy's parents in Fayetteville. Murphy's father and mother died not long afterward and the family remained in Murphy's parents' house. Murphy and Lillie Bullard Murphy Bullard was a strict disciplinarian. Homemaker Lillie was submissive and did not interfere with how he treated their nine children.

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Velma did not inherit her mother's same submissive ways which resulted in several severe strap beatings by her father. In 1939 when she began attending school, she found some reprieve from being inside her cramped, volatile home. Velma also proved to be a bright, attentive student but socially rejected by her peers because of her impoverished style. Velma began stealing after feeling poor and inadequate around the other kids at school. She began by stealing coins from her father and was later caught stealing money from an elderly neighbor. Velma's punishment was severe and temporarily cured her from stealing. Her time was also more supervised and she was told she had to help with taking care of her sisters and brothers. A Skilled Manipulator By the age of 10, Velma learned how to control talking back to her stern father. She also became a decent baseball player and played on a team her father organized. Enjoying her "favorite daughter" status, Velma learned how to manipulate her father to get what she wanted. Later in life, she accused her father of molesting her as a child, although her family strongly denied her charges. Velma and Thomas Burke Around the time Velma entered high school her father took a job in a textile factory and the family moved to Red Springs, SC. Her grades were poor but she proved to be a good basketball player. She also had a boyfriend, Thomas Burke, who was a year ahead of her in school. Velma and Thomas dated under the strict curfews set by Velma's father. At age 17, Velma and Burke decided to quit school and marry, over the strong objections of Murphy Bullard. In December 1951, Velma gave birth to a son, Ronald Thomas.

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Because Ted Bundy kept the true number of his victims to himself and refused to inform authorities of the exact number of his horrific deeds, before he was executed on January 24, 1989 (Wikipedia, n.d.)....