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I am trying to arm knit a blanket and have some questions. When I do my first row of knitting, I end up with a fairly long piece of string from the original casting from trying to tighten the stitches. If I don’t tighten it though, the holes are pretty big. Can you help?

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Hey Maggie!!
So I have tried this several times but keep ending up with yarn that wont tighten up after the first row. I am using Bernat Mega Bulky as it was the largest and softest I could find at my local Joann’s store (they had nothing as big as yours). If you have any pointers I would be incredibly grateful!
I have been wanting to arm knit a comfy blanket for so long! Thank you for the tutorial.


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Loved the tutorial video planning on trying
The blanket soon… but I have to know song and artist in the background music…I have searched your comments…scoured utube for the lyrics
Please share…

I could not find Couture Jazz yarn in my area. However, I did find a yarn made by the same company and it was the same size yarn. But the balls of yarn were about twice the size as the ones in your video. If the yarn I get is twice the size of the one you use, should I buy half of the amount of yarn? Also what would you recommend if I wanted to make this blanket in two different colours? Sorry if this seems like a silly question. I’m new at this.

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hi Maggie! (:
I love this arm knitting blanket idea and I want to make it for my twin sister and I’m very excited to do so! I just have a quick question for you. You said that the blanket came to 5 foot 3 foot and I was just wondering how I could make it bigger? Like, so I just add more rows? And since I want it bigger (like 5 foot 7 foot) how many balls of yarn should I get?
Thank you in advance for answering my questions!
xx Aliseea

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I saw your work on Pinterest and watched your video. I am in the process of making two other blankets for my twin granddaughters. However, once the holidays are over I am planning on this being my next project.
Your video is very detailed so I’m sure I’ll be able to make one without any problems although everything I’ve always made has been crocheted. Also, if you don’t mind, could your please tell me about the song you have playing as background music? It’s a beautiful song. I would love to hear the full song and know who is singing. Thanks!

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Maggie, I love your arm knitting tutorials and have made several of the infinity scarves for my granddaughters for Christmas! In response to Michelle, I had the same issue with the extra loop. I had my husband watch the video then watch me. He discovered I had the tail & working yarn reversed as I was casting on! (Sometimes an extra pair of eyes help!) Hope this helps you, good luck!!

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I am using red heart grande super bulky #6. I’m not sure how long my tail should be. I hv tried 10, 8,7. I get about 30 cast on stitches. And hv a ton of tail left. Please advise on tail length, cast on stitches and how many stitches I need to arm knit. Making a blanket. As well advise how many skeins I would need. I hv 4 now. Doubling up. Using 2 at a time. Thanks for advise.