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May 24, 2016 · Public schools, we all agree, should teach civics and promote democracy, including respect for constitutional rights

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In January 1988 the Supreme Court, in a narrow 5-3 vote, ruled that the principal of Hazelwood East High School was justified in censoring a series of controversial articles in his school’s newspaper, .

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And incredibly, this is despite the factthat everyone in the media is in fear of those same libel laws breathingdown their own necks - and here at last was a case with great public supportand interest which was not only exposing these laws, but also showing howcensorship could be easily opposed and defeated.


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Although McCarthyism soon died away, the NCTE continued to rally against book bannings, with several committees dedicated to working against this suppression around the country, including the Committee Against Censorship, the Committee to Report Case Studies on Censorship, and the NCTE Task Force on Guidelines for Dealing with Censorship of Nonprint Materials. The Council also began to focus more on emphasizing the rights of students. In 1962, The Students' Right to Read, published by the NCTE, defends both the rights of teachers and students the freedom to select what to read.

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However, censorship became a central issue in the 1950s, with McCarthyism spurring the NCTE to take a more active stance against the issue. In 1953, NCTE's Committee on Censorship of Teaching Materials published Censorship and Controversy, which condemned McCarthy's tactics and championed freedom of thought.

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With regard to school newspapers, the Supreme Court suggested that any publication that is supervised by a faculty member and created by the school to offer a particular set of skills is curricular, and would bear the school’s imprimatur. By extension, that also means that the ruling can apply to school yearbooks, school plays, literary magazines, or any other form of school-sponsored speech that fulfills the given criteria.

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The first NCTE publication to decry censorship, Censorship and Controversy is a 56-page pamphlet prepared by the Committee on Censorship of Teaching Materials. Education specialist at the United States Office of Education, William R. Wood, chaired this committee, and five past presidents of NCTE served as members. In this pamphlet, they encouraged open-access to educational materials, as well as warned about people who would exploit the dangers of Communism to gain personal power.

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The cover and pages from Censorship and Controversy. The preface (page five) explains NCTE's rationale for taking a strong stance against censorship. Pages eight and nine highlight the fundamental positions of the Council on both communism and censorship.

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In 1962, the NCTE published The Student's Right to Read to offer guidance to teachers on what to do if they faced potential censorship and to affirm the right of students and teachers to choose what to read. It sold over 150,000 copies, and NCTE continued to reprint and update the The Student's Right to Read over the years, including printing a 1972 edition and a 1996 edition. It also serves as the basis for NCTE's policy against censorship.