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In the 1960's and 1970's, 50cc to 125cc motorcycles were considered "small," the 150-250cc motorcycles were intermediate, the 350cc to 500cc motorcycles were midsize bikes and 600cc and larger motorcycles were "big" bikes. Today, a 250cc motorcycle is considered small and a 600cc motorcycle mid-size. Even a liter bike (1000cc) is no longer considered "big" in a world of 1250-2000cc heavyweight motorcycles. I have read articles in the motorcycle press about the Yamaha V-Star 1100's, calling them "middleweight" cruisers!

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The Two Finger Flip - Left hand remains on the grip, but the index and middle fingers come up. This is often used by crotch rocket types because the forward leaning position can make it a little awkward to take the left hand off the bar. Also used by bikes of all types in traffic when they don't quite feel safe taking a hand off the bar.
The Four Finger Wiggle - Left hand remains on the grip, but all four fingers come up and are wiggled side to side a little. Used in the same situations as the Two Finger Flip.
The Mini-Wave - The left hand comes a couple inches off the grip to flash a wave before going back to the grip.
The Full Wave - the left hand comes up to shoulder height or higher to wave.
The Vigorous Full Wave - The left hand comes up to shoulder height or higher and is waved back and forth vigorously.
The Biker Salute - Left fist held up high. I've only ever heard of this or read of it, but never seen it. The references that I have heard or read indicate that it's an old-time biker gang thing. I dunno how true that is or isn't.
The Peace Sign - The left hand makes a fist with the index and middle fingers extended and spread.


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The major American and European makers have not offered any street bikes in this class for a long time, but the Japanese have. There are the Kawasaki Ninja 250/300 and Honda CBR250 and 300 sport bikes. There are good numbers of Honda Nighthawk 250 standard and CMX250C Rebel cruisers available. Suzuki is represented by the GZ250 cruiser and TU250X standard. From Yamaha comes the sharp looking V-Star 250 cruiser. All of these 250-300cc machines have four-stroke motors and all rely on conventional telescopic front forks and chain final drive. The average weight of these bikes is about 300 pounds. All are available in reasonable numbers and at reasonable prices on the used market.

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To my eyes, the Yamaha V-Star 250 is the best looking 250 cruiser. The overall visual impression is of a true middleweight motorcycle. Its 60 degree, 249cc, SOHC V-twin motor and five speed transmission provides adequate thrust and a little more character than inline twins. A V-twin usually has a lower center of gravity than does a vertical twin. The Yamaha comes with laced wheels and a disc brake in front; like the other cruisers, it has a rear drum brake. The V-Star's gas tank holds 2.4 gallons and the bike weighs a portly 323 pounds (wet). The seat height is 27 inches. Claimed fuel economy is 78 MPG.