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(Although there were once thousands of these, there are about a thousand terpen that still exist in the Netherlands.)

The south of Friesland was flooded from several dike breaches.

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“Huikan Huanghe fangfan xindi baogao” (Survey report on the new Yellow River flood defense dikes) (1940). Institute of Modern History Archives, Academia Sinica, Taiwan: 18-20-02-18-02. In addition to the files held at Academia Sinica, a wealth of documents related to the floods can be found at the Yellow River Archives in Zhengzhou. The Second Historical Archives in Nanjing also holds documents related to the disaster, though access has been quite limited in recent years.


1953, another devastating flood hit the Netherlands.

The description of this technology originates from Linham and Nicholls (2010).
The wartime floods also turned almost four million people – over 20 percent of the total population – in Henan, Anhui, and Jiangsu into refugees. In Henan, the province for which the most detailed statistics are available, the Yellow River floods displaced more than 1,172,000. Refugees displaced by the floods came to 67.7 percent of the total population in Xihua, 55.1 percent in Henan’s Fugou County, 52.2 percent in Weishi County, 32.2 percent in Taikang County, and more than 10 percent in Zhongmu County.

Flood-proofing of tubewells, boreholes and (hand) dug wells is described in the article ''.
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Columbia River Basalts: Rate of Emplacement

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The history of the New Bedford-Fairhaven Hurricane Barrier

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