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This is the foundation of bullying, and the more we do this in society as a whole, the more our kids follow suit.

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There is an array of different terms used to define bullying

High school and middle school bullying in the United States has become an epidemic
The definitions of Bullying usually always include threats, intimidation, aggressive behavior, and verbal abuse but may not always have all of the same psychological or mental attributes. Although their intention is similar they don’t always have the same definitions or scope. The definition or scope of some words used is also changing or the same word can have a different definition or scope in different laws or policies. Some words used are not as clear or obvious and can also be deceptive in a way. The definition below may not apply to you and you should find out what your workplace harassment policy or law includes.

Causes of bullying; the different causes of bullying

Dr. Phil addresses the alarming rise of teens taking their lives due to bullying. Parents, heed the call to action.
Bullying has always been a problem among adolescents and, sadly, so has suicide. In the few known cases of suicide after , there are other contributing factors. That’s not to diminish the tragedy or suggest that the didn’t play a –as with all online youth risk, we need to look at what else was going on in the child’s life. Even when a suicide or other tragic event doesn’t occur, is often accompanied by a pattern of offline bullying and sometimes there are other issues including long-term depression, problems at home, and self-esteem issues.


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Locke said there are a lot of bullies including in the work place. She said the only way to prevent bullying is by “finding your voice.”
Robert Francis QC to bullying as a key driver of the toxic culture at Mid Staffordshire hospital -- yet made not a single recommendation about stopping it. Bullying was not mentioned in the Government’s response to the Francis Report.

Shame is known to be a primary cause of bullying, and there are many ways in which shame has increased throughout society.5.
In recent days he has sat down with Triad school leaders and Bethany’s family in hopes of toning down some disputes between the them. Paul Thompson and Feucht recently spoke at a school board meeting where they requested the administration resign, saying they weren’t provided documents they requested and that they believed the school should have done more to prevent bullying.

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Moreover, staff surveyed said less than half of cases of bullying, harassment or abuse cases were reported and the proportion of cases being reported is falling, down from 54% in 2004 to 44% now.

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Last year 24% (almost one quarter) of staff reported they had experienced bullying, harassment or abuse from either their line manager or other colleagues. This was a jump in just one year from 15%.

Suicide of 11-year-old Triad student part of bullying epidemic

Bullying is defined by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as “unwanted, aggressive behavior among school-aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time.”

Is the ‘bullying epidemic’ a media myth?

Four years later, two years after the first 2010 Francis report on Mid Staffordshire identified bullying of staff as a key cause of the scandalous treatment of patients, the reported that the proportion of staff reporting bullying by colleagues and managers had doubled in just four years.

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The which prompted his remarks showed that 12% of staff said they had suffered bullying, harassment or abuse at work by colleagues in the previous year.