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Ireland - The Republic of Ireland: In the general election of 1948, ..

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Driving to Ireland’s west coast, you have to see the cliffs of Moher

Free Essay: As English was first introduced to Ireland by the time of the Norman invasion
Just as in Scotland a century later, the trouble with the English began with a civil war among the natives. In 1166, the King of Leinster, Diarmait MacMurchada was forced to flee from Dublin and from his kingdom by an alliance of Irish enemies, including the new High King, Ruaidri Ua Conchobair. 'Awful the deed done in Ireland today', wrote the chronicler of Leinster, 'the expulsion overseas by the men of Ireland of Diarmait...'.

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The Norman invasion of Ireland took place in stages during the late 12th century, ..
It wasn't Henry II's presence in Ireland that lost them their freedom, then, but his absence. With Henry in France, fighting off his children, his wife and the King of France, the Anglo-Norman barons had absolutely no intention of making his Irish settlement, with its careful attention to the claims of native Irish rulers, work.


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At which point Henry II suddenly sat up and took notice of what was going on in the west. He had meant to use Diarmait's appeal to get a foothold in Ireland.

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And, not least, the Bruces had given Irish leaders such as Domnal O'Neill, Edward's main ally, their voice of resistance. They wrote a 'Remonstrance of the Irish Princes' to the Pope, justifying the bestowing on Edward of the crown of Ireland.

How and when did English spread to Scotland and Ireland

As grim as the story was, the Scots in Ireland had left something behind apart from widows and tragic ballads. The Anglo-Norman colony stopped expanding out from Ulster and Leinster. And just as in Scotland, the idea of the unstoppable English Empire of the Plantagenets had had the shine knocked off its myth of invincibility.

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That, in the end, they didn't give two hoots about Ireland was obvious when, in return for the English government (now in the hands of Queen Isabella and the Lord Mortimer) recognising the independence of Scotland, King Robert promised that he would never aid any rebellion against the English in Ireland. So much for the Gaelic brotherhood of nations!

Norman expansion and Irish counteroffensives continued.

This is not what happened. And perhaps it served them right. For all their ringing national rhetoric, some of it undoubtedly sincere, Robert and Edward Bruce were transparently using Ireland to force the English to divert resources away from Scotland to this second front, and to make them accept their claim to the crown in Scotland.

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By the time that Edward Bruce arrived in 1315, there was an entrenched English colony in eastern Ireland. But the native Irish kings and much of their way of life had managed to hold on in the centre and west of the country - taking advantage of the chaos of English politics in the middle of the 12th century.


And so the wars of Britain had once again spilled into Ireland, with bloody consequences. The English estates remained, subdued to a degree but it would be over half a century before another English king set foot in Ireland to restore the crown's authority.