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We tried their classic burger and fries to see how it compares to a staple fast food meal.

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This recent fad in Harrisburg cuisine is the food-truck takeover.

and fast-food menus are changing under growing pressure from parent and nutrition groups.
The trend since the 1980s to privatize the USA's prison system is ominous, particularly when corporations are putting factories in the prisons, paying the inmates wages below the minimum wage, as they work for such companies as Microsoft (controlled by the world’s richest man), in what is effectively a new era of slave labor, where the labor force is in the strongest sense, captive. There is being created an economic incentive to put people in prison, only different by degree from the of Nazi Germany during World War II. The journalist-turned-professor Nathan McCall spent years in prison when he was younger, and a memorable, ironic moment was when he worked on the prison farm. There was a black man in the South, down on all fours, picking vegetables, while nearby was the ever-present “white, shotgun-toting prison guard.” McCall thought about the lives of his ancestors and wondered if it looked the same during slavery.

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From diners and chain restaurants, to outdoor dining and fast food, ..
For years, I was skeptical that the food industry would turn into a monopolistic/oligopolistic industry, as energy, medicine and other large industries had, because there were so many small farms and growing food is the world’s most widespread industry. However, large segments of agriculture have been taken over by corporate conglomerates. Many world food markets are controlled by a handful of companies. For instance, in the early 21st century, two companies - Cargill and Archer Daniel Midland - controlled about 80% of the world’s grain market.


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Far more frightening than Monsanto’s BGH antics is what is happening in the realm of genetic engineering. As industries vent their pollutants into the environment, with industrial assets such as providing helpful disinformation, at least PCBs will one day break down into harmless compounds. With genetically engineered ("GE") organisms, however, it may not be possible to stick that genie back into the bottle. There are already cases where GE organisms are inadvertently killing butterflies and other insects. Europe has risen up against the “Frankenfoods” America is producing, and accordingly, American agribusiness, through such as the WTO, inflicted punishment onto Europe for daring oppose the introduction of GE products. An internal memo leaked from an agribusiness company that presented their strategy. The plan was to flood the world with GE organisms, and as the contamination becomes universal, anti-GE advocates will throw up their hands and surrender. A leaked Monsanto memo showed its global strategy for rigging GE regulation throughout the world. While most Americans sleep through the process, there is a , as nations resist the introduction of GE foods.

profession and industry has prostituted itself to one degree or another, but the legal profession probably sells itself to the highest bidder more often than any other. Most of the USA's politicians are lawyers, as well as its judges. I am not sure exactly what lawyers make in America, but it is probably tens of billions of dollars a year, for another complete waste of money. It is worse than a total waste, as they are helping prop up our ethically bankrupt system.

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Interestingly, however, it's not a complete takeover, but rather they seem to be working together, thereby making Dark Tooth and Tower Tooth (the two cars they drive together) the strongest in the game.

They have taken over our institutions, our cities, and our homes

Reading Ralph McGehee’s helped me figure out USA's foreign policy game, similar to confession. McGehee and Butler had to live with their consciences and could not keep silent in their retirement years. I had heard about servants for the Rothschilds and Rockefellers writing memoirs about what really happens on the inside, only to have the books suppressed, including buying out the publishing companies that tried publishing the books. I have not heard of anybody publishing anything from deep inside the beast, but in 2004, a member of “middle management” of the global corporate empire spoke out, and John Perkins’s is the of our time.

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Anybody who puts their money into a savings account at a bank knows their rate of interest. With whole life, the customer does not know. The insurance companies merged the life insurance and savings portions of their policies, and the policyholders never knew what their “return on investment” was. With whole life policies, the rate of return can be negative, and has been, but the policyholder never knows. The life insurance industry was able to get away with it, with many greased government palms along the way. Less than half of the money taken in by life insurance companies goes to pay benefits, the rest pays for high rises across America with life insurance company names on the top, huge executive salaries, corporate junkets, amazingly high salesman’s commissions, and often incredible profits. Consumers get a better payout from the state-run lotteries. Even the “non-profit” status of mutual companies is largely illusory, as life insurance companies control trillions of dollars in assets, throw around a great deal of economic and political muscle, and have defeated all meaningful attempts to regulate their avaricious empire-building, gained by bilking the consumer.

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Wicked Healthy's Derek Sarno is giving the typical drive-thru menu a plant-pushing makeover. Think it can’t be done? It’s not only possible, it’s so tasty you might even pass right by your favorite fast food joint the next time a craving strikes. Derek shares his top recipes for a fishless fillet sandwich and vegetarian versions of classic fast food burgers (with special sauce!) using some of our favorite plant-based products.