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Government ‘Secret’ Memo Fight Shows That Neither Side Respects The Department of Justice The Justice Department is no longer a tool for law, it's just a tool.

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Fifty years ago, Americans facing racial injustice marched the 54 miles from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, to protest discriminatory voting laws. It was a watershed moment in the Civil Rights Movement, influencing the passage of the Voting Rights Act, and forever redefining and improving our cherished values of freedom and fairness. February marks Black History Month—a time to reflect on past injustice, and refocus efforts on injustices that persist.


The Justice Department appears to be gearing up for a legal fight with the LGBTQ community
The single most important factor in getting a goodreference! There is such a widespread national problem that several companieshave set up shop to check your references like you have applied for anotherjob, documenting just in case you want to sue, The stakes are high when alawsuit is filed and you can count on the CEO tossing out the trash (big mouth managers)once this happens. A huge note in red ink will go on the file of the affectedex-employee as well. Zippers will appear like magic on the mouths of managersand administrators.


Fight for the Rojava Revolution - Support YPG in Rojava.

29/01/2018 · The Justice Department is no longer a tool for law, it's just a tool.
Fighting for environmental justice, and climate justice, echoes the spirit of America’s great civil rights leaders; it’s a spirit fueled by our moral obligation to leave our children a world safer and rich with opportunity. History proves even the most wrenching strains on justice can be unwound, with a committed, diverse, and vocal coalition of people calling for change. That’s why EPA, the Hip Hop Caucus, and organizations around the country are fighting for climate justice—so we can further fairness and opportunity for all.

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“Climate change is young people’s ‘lunch counter moment’ for the 21st century. When my three classmates and I sat down at that lunch counter to end segregation we did not know what the outcome would be. We simply knew that we had to act. We had to take bold action for necessary change to come about. It is in the tradition of civil and human rights struggle that young people today are calling for action on climate change. It is the biggest threat to justice and opportunity our planet has ever seen.”

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With President Obama’s leadership, EPA is ramping up efforts to cut air and water pollution, expanding public outreach, enforcing laws to defend public health, and holding polluters accountable. And through President Obama’s Climate Action Plan, EPA is taking historic action to fight the economic and public health risks of a changing climate by cutting carbon pollution from power plants.

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That’s why at the core of EPA’s mission is the unwavering pursuit of environmental justice. The joined the fight for Environmental Justice after Hurricane Katrina, a disaster that underscored communities facing risks from climate impacts: low-income families and people of color.

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State Departments of Public Health are often poorlystaffed and able to responds only to the very worst cases of neglect, so don’tforget to send a copy of your complaints about a facility to Central Medicare& Medicaid Services [CMS]]. CMS pays the bills for Medicare patients and isalways interested in weeding out fraud. CMS considers poor patient care inhospitals and nursing homes to be fraud. CMS just loves to collect money backin these cases so you can count on a response! So draft a detailed report aboutthe lack of care in a nursing home with attention to such issues as gettingresidents out of bed on time, bed sores, adequate staff, getting medicationsand food on time, staffing available to help feed and times required to answercall bells. Send a copy of the state complaint to CMS and watch the fur fly!Look CMS up on the web for the nearest office. The federal authorities willinsure that the state inspectors do their job, getting a complaint inspection!This has been done to several facilities and they paid dearly for their Bully Bossesas this cuts off their federal funding! Remember the facility in North Carolinawe mentioned?

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Justice League is fighting some evil Apokoliptian invasion force, almost like in the first Avengers, and their most important man seems like is missing. Well, for drama’s sake, ’cause he’ll show up in the movie and kick ass and save the day, the kind of stuff that Superman does, you know.