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The definesdistance learning as "the delivery of instruction to the right group ofpeople at the right time in the right place.

Most definitions of distance learning include the use oftechnology.

What is the future of distance learning technologies in education?

Some, however, refer to the degree of interactivity and thedistance between learners.
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For effective implementation, and therefore acceptance of the use of distance learning technologies, educators might view this shift to be like all educational changes of value which require new skills, behaviors, and beliefs or understandings.

Such is the case with the emerging technologies of distance learning.

The challenge for education is to emulate the success of distance learning in the business sector.
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According to the , "distance learning is the application of electronic meansto education in all areas: K-12, higher education, continuing education,co rporate training, and military and government training, telemedicineand those devoted to the pursuit of lifelong learning" (USDLA, 1996).


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What is the role of the private and home school community on distance learning and public schools?
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Distance learning (DL) at Jefferson Community College offers the flexibility for you to continue your education by providing courses in a variety of delivery methods. We are committed to providing learning opportunities for you, who – by choice or by circumstance – are looking for alternate ways to achieve your academic and professional development goals. All of our DL students share a common aim: to overcome limitations of time or location by using distance learning options in pursuit of their educational goals.

The Internet hasopened a variety of new opportunities for communication and distance learning.
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Clearly, rural school districts will have to make tough decisions regarding the allocation of scarce resources if they are to reap the benefits of distance learning.

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Each CCC&TI Distance Learning course provides you with dozens of resources to help you succeed, including connections to discussion groups, libraries, writing guides, and a student manual for using all of the courses resources. To succeed in a distance learning course, you also need the following equipment and skills:

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Office of Technology Assessment definesdistance learning as the "linking of a teacher and students in severalgeographic locations via technology that allows for interaction" (in , 1994).

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Due to thetechnological advances of the recent past, a great deal of excitement andhope has been generated for the use of distance learning in education.