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Managing exposure of direct foreign investment to political risk: The case of food businesses in China

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Congress soon discovered that such payments were not directly prohibited under U.S. law, even if certain existing laws – such as tax and securities disclosure laws – were perhaps indirectly implicated. Congress set out to close this gap. Both the 94th and 95th Congresses, as well as the administrations of Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter, were involved in seeking legislation to address the foreign corporate payments and approximately twenty bills were introduced in Congress. Two competing legislative approaches were generally considered by Congress: an outright prohibition of certain foreign payments and a disclosure regime of a broader category of foreign payments. The Ford Administration favored the latter approach, but the Carter Administration – which took office in January 1977 – favored prohibition and this approach ultimately became law.

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09/10/2017 · This paper examines the effect of foreign direct investment (FDI) on economic growth and determines how the regulatory regime of …
Most of them involve some part of the GI tract, which is why we talk about them so much on general surgery.The FRIENDS mnemonic can help you remember the causes of fistulas:F – Foreign Body – if there is a foreign body the body will try to wall it off and/or push it out of the body which can lead to the formation of a fistulaR – Radiation Therapy – fistulas can form in tissues after radiation therapy as the tissues change in response to the radiationI – Inflammation/Infection/Inflammatory Bowel Disease – This is the big one.


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22/12/2016 · AbstractThe purpose of this article is to examine the causal relationship between foreign direct ..
This call for change was slow to take root. However, in 1997 approximately 35 countries adopted the OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Foreign Public Officials in International Business Transactions. (See ). At present, approximately 40 countries have adopted the OECD Convention – countries that account for approximately two-thirds of the world’s exports and approximately ninety percent of foreign direct investment. For ratification status of the Convention, see .

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Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES): Programs and systems that participate in shop-floor control, including programmed logic controllers and process control computers for direct and supervisory control of manufacturing equipment; process information systems that gather historical performance information, then generate reports; graphical displays; and alarms that inform operations personnel what is going on in the plant currently and a short history into the past. Quality control information is also gathered - a laboratory information management system may be part of this configuration to tie process conditions to the quality data that are generated. Thereby, cause-and-effect relationships can be determined. The quality data at times affect the control parameters that are used to meet product specifications, either dynamically or offline.

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The passage of Sarbanes Oxley in 2002 has also impacted FCPA enforcement. Section 404 of SOX requires issuers to assess and report on the effectiveness of its internal controls over financial reporting. As a general matter, this requirement has caused issuers to more actively investigate questionable transactions particularly in foreign subsidiaries whose books and records are consolidated with the issuers for purposes of financial reporting. Indeed, when asked during the Senate’s 2010 FCPA hearing and the House’s 2011 FCPA hearing about reasons for the general increase in FCPA enforcement, the DOJ’s witness specifically mentioned SOX.