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 The Golden Compass Vintage Children's Paperback ( His Dark Matters, Book 1 ) 1995
Our arrived in February 2018, with reports that casting was almost complete and that shooting was shortly to begin in both Wales and the Arctic, where some establishing shots will be filmed.

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The Golden Compass Vintage Children's Paperback ( His Dark Matters, Book 1 ) 1995
A movie adaptation titled The Golden Compass, by director Chris Weitz, was released in 2007. Starring Daniel Craig, Ian McKellen, Nicole Kidman and Eva Green, it had a mixed reception, and plans for sequels were cancelled. Actor Sam Elliott blamed the Catholic Church's opposition for forcing the axe, but critics said that "" with the adaptation was the real reason.


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In February of 2017, Pullman also announced a new companion series, The Book of Dust, that will be published from October. Lyra will appear in the first two volumes - the first will feature her as a baby, while the second is set 10 years after the events of His Dark Materials.

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The crowded imaginary universe of The Golden Compass takes some getting used to, and in some ways, as a non-follower of the Pullman books, I have still to be entirely sold on it. But it certainly looks wonderful, with epic dash and a terrific central performance from Nicole Kidman, who may come to dominate our children's nightmares the way Robert Helpmann's Child Catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang once did ours. It has no other challengers as this year's big Christmas movie.

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The Golden Compass is set in a retro-futurist version of the real world: a faintly Gilliamesque place of bizarrely crowded neo-classic cities and Heath Robinson flying machines. Here, human beings all have their own "daemons", like witches' familiars, but benign, shape-shifting essences that incarnate that person's human spirit.

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Mrs Coulter's unspeakable plan is to get the feisty teenage heroine Lyra into her clutches and, among other dastardly projects, grab Lyra's precious Alethiometer, or Golden Compass: a magic, fob-watch-type contraption which tells not time, but truth itself.

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Dakota Blue Richards has in the series. She made her screen debut in the 2007 film adaptation of first book The Golden Compass as Lyra. Even Pullman is up for the idea:

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“The Golden Compass” is rated PG-13 (Parents strongly cautioned). Some intense scenes involve children in danger and warfare between bears and humans.

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"But also know that a lot of people see me as 'the girl from The Golden Compass' and as great an experience as that was, that's always something that will be hanging over me throughout my career."