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to download a PDF file for the full polling results of the Great Debate 2015.

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An excellent handout was given at the end of the debate, and I asked for permission to share a great infographic which was in the information pack, which I felt gave a good visual summary of when to consider HRT (or not) as the case may be! As always – go to your GP rather than take risks with your health!

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Circle Hooks vs. J Hooks | The Great Circle Hook Debate
In 2017 The Great Debate will be joining forces with the EKS Arthroplasty Conference April 20th and 21st at the Queen Elizabeth II Event Centre.


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"Fun is not usually a word that complements intelligent discussion, but without wishing to devalue the serious nature of the enterprise that's exactly what The Great Debates are. For more than three years I have been going to the debates on all sorts of subjects and never been disappointed. The speakers are always willing to engage with the audience even if what they have to say is a little off the wall. Attendance is usually free, which means all my poor friends can come along as well. The atmosphere is friendly and inclusive, during intervals there is the possibility of free flowing intellectual engagement."
Abdul Hamed

Video of the final of Newcastle University Year of Sustainability School debate event held in November 2011. Recorded by participants of project.