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Images of "smokes," used to describeboth Isadora's fatal scarves and nuclear holocaust, are pivotal in effectingthe transition from the mythic to the historical imagery.

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This transitionalimagery of fire and smoke is strongly reminiscent of the central imageof the more successful "Mary's Song" (written one month later),where fire is transformed into "thick palls" of smoke that link the poem'smovement from Christian myth to the Holocaust.


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In general terms, this period saw, in addition to the "real-life" dramaof the Eichmann trial, a number of star-studded Hollywood films--oftenadapted from successful books, plays, or television presentations--thatbrought the Holocaust to the forefront of the popular imagination, including (1961), starring Spencer Tracey; (1960), starring Paul Newman and Sal Mineo; and (1959).

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These studio productions essentially fit thebristling raw material of the Holocaust into an old narrative form, thusallowing the viewer to leave the theater feeling complacent instead ofconcerned or disturbed." The act of trying to bring such horrific eventsto a popular audience involves a rationalizing and conventionalizing ofthe material, which ultimately runs the risk of trivializing the very eventsit is trying to commemorate.

difficult and emotionally disturbing genres of Holocaust literature.

The contrast between the resonance and diversity of Plath's use of mythand the single dimensions of her use of history in the form of the Holocaustand Hiroshima is not simply due to Plath's greater experience and confidencein handling the former, learned from using mythic material throughout herpoetic career.

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Such poems are culturally valuable the appearance of the Holocaust in them is like a "bootin the face"--certainly, few readers leave them feeling "complacent insteadof concerned or disturbed."While the ultimately inconceivable nature of the horror of the Holocaustmeans that Plath cannot mobilize the kinds of overt reflexivity apparentin her treatment of traditional myth in, for example, "Electra on AzaleaPath," her poems that deal with the Holocaust also work to commenton metapoetic concerns.

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Apart from Plath's oblique treatment of the subject in theearlier poem "The Thin People" (1957), Holocaust imagery appearsonly in the poems she wrote between October and November 1962, just afterher separation from TedHughes and her return from Devon to London.

Images of "smokes," used to ..

Ultimately, then, George Steiner's divided attitude toward Plath's treatmentof such material most adequately and accurately represents the effect andeffectiveness of Plath's project--a project meant to confront readers withtheir implication in the viewing and metaphorizing of others' lives andsuffering, and aimed at foregrounding the complex instability of the boundariesbetween myth and reality that forms the root of the problematic placementof the Holocaust in our society.