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In Nature, nurture begets nurture.

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Forests perform a variety of functions for the public good, including erosion control and water control, cultivating water resources, curbing global warming by absorbing CO2, and preserving biodiversity. For these functions to work effectively, proper forest management is crucial.
The Sumitomo Forestry Group believes that sustainable forest management is necessary to ensure that timber resources are available in perpetuity, and is advancing initiatives both in and outside Japan.

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Other influences are associated with weather and those seasons when positive ionsare present in greater quantities.Winds that are predominately composed of positive ions, often referred to as "evilwinds," are recognized around the world.


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presents many more examples of life's dominion over the physical world.
For example, there is the Chinook of the NorthAmerican Plains; the Autan and Vent Du Midi of France; the Norther of Texas, Australia andPortugal, and a myriad of others that stretch across the globe.

In these winds are shown to be a product of fields that accelerate particlesinto the atmosphere, and these fields relate to a new model of the Earth referred to as the.

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describes the biological effects of these evil winds:

The biological impact of evil winds can be understood from what transpires when the blows in Israel.

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Thirty percent of the population is affected by this "evilwind," causing an observable increase in murders, suicides, attempted suicides, asthmaattacks, depression, unbearable tensions, and aching joints.

The claimsare that there are more forests than 50 years ago.

Observations in hospitals revealed that depressives, epileptics,hysterics, psychopaths, neurotics, schizophrenics, alcoholics, and drug addicts react topositive-ion winds.

Forests are also major producers of ozone.

Worldwide, similarwinds are noted to increase crime, murder, suicide, tension, irritability, sleeplessness,migraines with vomiting and nausea, and automobile and industrial accidents.

Without them the ozone holes would get worse.

Common in central Europe it is a verywarm, dry and electrified wind that often blows in the mountain valleys of the Alps inSwitzerland and Tyrol (Tirol).

Wetlands are very important to our well being and health.

The Sumitomo Forestry Group owns forests with a total area of 42,868 hectares within Japan. Outside Japan, it manages forests with a total area of approximately 200,000 hectares. The functions of forests that serve the public good can be enhanced by appropriate forestry management including weeding, pruning, and thinning.
Forests absorb CO2 then retain it as carbon – or “carbon stock.” The carbon stock of the Sumitomo Forestry Group forests in Japan was 10.74 million t-CO2, and the carbon stock of plantation forests overseas was 3.62 million t-CO2.