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The letter, penned from one president to the next, is a tradition that has been continued 44 times as one president cedes power to the next.

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I received letters from  (under whose presidency I was stationed in Florida and Scotland.
What the letters say is rarely made public, but the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum in Dallas has released the letter George W. Bush left for Obama.

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BuzzFeed News obtained a copy of the letter Friday, which was simply addressed to the now-former president in 2009 as

(Peace Be Unto You)

Dear President Bush,

May this letter find you, your family and staff in the best of health and spirit in spite of the prevailing circumstances.

I am Minister Louis Farrakhan, National Representative of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, whom I believe Allah (God) raised among the Black people of America to teach us Islam as a means of our reformation and resurrection.


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Bush Sends Birthday Wishes Via a Letter Signed With an Additional Autograph Note Signed President George H.W.
President, it will take great courage on your part to look at America's policies with a critical eye, and, it will take even greater courage to break from the policies of the past and make a new beginning for this nation and the world.

You have sent a strong signal to the world in your statement that the Palestinians should have an independent, sovereign state.

President, you have now inherited that which Presidents Reagan, Carter, your father, and President Clinton were not able to complete.
George H. W. Bush, LETTER FROM PRESIDENT BUSH TO INTERNEES (1991). Courtesy of California State University—Sacramento, the Department of Special Collections and University Archives.

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The library for the 43rd president also released the letter that Bush found in the Oval Office when he took office in 2001, penned by former President Bill Clinton.

Letter of warning to President George Bush (Dec. 1, 2001)

Both letters are encouraging to the incoming president and, though warning of the struggles ahead, paint a positive and reassuring tone for the new leader of the Free World.

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Written 45 years after the internment camps closed, President Bush's letter provides an understanding on how the nation's thinking has changed on this issue.

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Former President George H.W. Bush sent the in May 1988 to the junior Bush, who was working on his campaign at the time. It was also shared with the rest of the Bush family, and was clearly written for all of them.

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Washington, D. C.
November 17, 1944 DEAR DR. BUSH: The Office of Scientific Research and Development, of which you are the Director, represents a unique experiment of team-work and cooperation in coordinating scientific research and in applying existing scientific knowledge to the solution of the technical problems paramount in war. Its work has been conducted in the utmost secrecy and carried on without public recognition of any kind; but its tangible results can be found in the communiques coming in from the battlefronts all over the world. Some day the full story of its achievements can be told.

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The bombing of a discotheque in Germany was used by President Reagan to justify the most expensive assassination attempt in the history of this nation.

I need not bore you with the details of this because you have access to information that will verify the truth of what I am writing.

I am writing this to show a consistent pattern of behavior of America's Presidents, administrations, and the press with respect to those Muslim leaders and other leaders that America has chosen to denounce as rogues, and to use as a justification for military action to cover their real purposes.

President Richard Nixon wrote that the enemy of democracy was not communism, but, fundamentalist Islam.