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Kids learn about the biography of Salvador Dali, artist and painter of the Surrealism art movement.
Get a of for your computer or notebook. ‣ The figure of the woman leaning her elbow on a night standsymbolizes the Spanish Civil War. Dali wrote in his : "Throughout all martyrized Spain rose an odor of incense,of the burning flesh of priests, of spiritual quartered flesh, mixedwith the powerful scent of the sweat of mobs fornicating amongthemselves and with Death." The torso and the face of the femalefigure are made up of groups of warriors, of, inspired by a combat of horsemen done by Leonardoda Vinci. Although signed in 1938, this picture was probably startedsooner. The other very remarkable works of this series are , and . Dali exhibited nearly all thesepaintings together in a one-man show that he, aided by Gala,organized in February 1939 in the studio where the couple was livingon the rue de la Tombe-Issoire in Paris. Friends and society peoplecame to see this exhibition of paranoiac-critical activity, and Daliremembers that the first to arrive and the last to leave was Picasso,who asked especially to see .

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Commentary on 40+ works of art by Salvador Dali, famous surrealist of the 20th century.
Get a of for your computer or notebook. ‣ Many of Dali's paintings were influenced and inspired by thelandscapes of his youth. Several in particular were painted on theslopes of Mount Pani, which was covered in beautiful umbrella pinesat the time. Many of the strange and foreboding shadows in theforeground of many Dali paintings is a direct reference to and resultof Dali's love of this mountain near his home. Even long after he hadgrown up, Dali continued to paint details of the landscape ofCatalonia into his works, as evidenced by such works as , completed in 1931.


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One hot August afternoon, in 1931, as Dali sat at his work benchnibbling at his lunch, he came upon one of his most stunningparanoiac-critical hallucinations. Upon taking a pencil, and slidingit under a bit of Camembert cheese, which had become softer andrunnier than usual in the summer heat, Dali was inspired with theidea for the melting watches. They appear often throughout Dali'sworks, and are the subject of much interest. In short, thisparticular work, is an important referral back to Dali's CatalanHeritage, that was so very important to him.

Get a of for your computer or notebook. ‣ In this interior scene reproduced here in nearly actual size, Dalihas brought together some of the characters or the obsessional themesof his Surrealist works before 1935. In the background, Gala, smiling,contemplates the scene; she is dressed in a richly embroidered jacketand is wearing a white cap with a transparent yellow-green visor whichwas then ih style. The seated figure facing her, one hand placed onthe table near a ball and a precariously balanced cube, is easilyrecognizable: it is Lenin. On the left, the indiscrete mustachioed maneavesdropping behind the door is Maxim Gorky; on his head there is alobster, a crustacean that the painter often places in equallyanachronistic spots, even creating in 1936 an object known as the"lobster-telephone." Along with the soft watches, one of the mostpersistent obsessive images in Dali's works is undoubtedly of Jean-Francois Millet, painter of the peasant world.

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Get a of for your computer or notebook. ‣ This analytical work is one of the first painted in the new housein Port Lligat during the summer Of 1930. In his numerous writtenworks Dali has given us much information about this picture. "A monthafter my return from Paris," he writes, "I signed a contract withGeorge Keller and Pierre Colle. Shortly after in the latter's galleryI exhibited my , fruit ofmy contemplation at Cape Creus." The Viscount of Noailles bought thisoil. must be consideredthe most important painting after amongDali's early experiments with double images. The permanent themewhich predominates over all the others is that of the persistence ofdesires.

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The paintings above cover the main topic of Salvador Dali's Melting Clocks but his career features hundreds of other classic oil paintings and mixed media works. Please see below for a summarised list of his greatest paintings, with many of them featured underneath.

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Get a of for your computer or notebook. ‣ As with many artists, Dali was to depict war and conflict inseveral of his major works. was painted in1936, the year the civil war began in Spain. The painting is anevocative interpretation of the horror and destruction of war, andalso comments on the devoring nature of sexual relationships.

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Crucifixion (Corpus Hypercubus) and Young Virgin Auto-Sodomized by the Horns of Her Own Chastity were the other two critical works to have come from Dali's career during this period.