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God breathed His Spirit into the body from dust to create the soul life of Adam-He made him male and female!

He became arguably the greatest detective of the television universe.

In God's Image; In God's Image The Mystery of Creation

In addition we have AN – The City of AN – Heliopolis where another creation story comes from.
I was caught in a trap of my own making. I needed to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. It was at that point I decided to follow – to the letter – exactly what I will share with you in The Secret of Deliberate Creation.

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Why did the Priest put this stylized creation story in the loop of the Ankh?
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When you do, your life will no longer be about survival, it will be a life of experiencing joy and abundance and creating anything you desire regardless of your current circumstances, the economy or any other perceived obstacle.

Are we taking about the Big Bang in the Ankh, the first time “Sp Tpii” , are we talking about the evolution of life on earth – We know one thing both these concepts are happening within the Ankh and we know that it is happening in the Loop and we know that the creation story that they are talking about happened in the waters of Nun.

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This book is focused on winning the most important game of all – the Game of Life. It will give you a new perspective on winning, attracting new opportunities and creating good luck and good fortune. 185 pages.

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You walk into a room and people notice you. You are easily confident with a smile on your face because you KNOW. You no longer doubt your thoughts, your actions, your needs, yourself. You feel the power of Deliberate Creation and you see it every single day.

From there the mystery of God ..

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You have connection; to your family, your friends, your community. You feel that sense of oneness with the world. (You are using Universal Power after all.) You feel supported and grounded in your present and future.

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Here we see again as with Tut Ankh Amun – part of his name Pi Ankh ii referencing the ankh and the other part referencing the creation story with Khepera – mn khephera ra

creation date of the Voynich manuscript

Here with this Nwst/King Tut Ankh Amun is is difficult to separate the ogdoad/eight from him. Further with all of this in mind and challenging the definition of the Ankh, we may see the Nwst now as not just the Living Image of Amun or the Amun the living face of Ankh- We may see him as Amun of the Combining of the Eight or Amun of the Ogdoad, Amun of the Eight Primordial Neters, Amun the Creator or as Professor James Small has put it so eloquently, God having a Human Experience. We can even use the Elijah Muhammad concept as God in the person. At any rate, we have a richer and more profound definition of this Glyph. The Glyph of Tut Ankh Amun is now combined with the cosmology and philosophy of Ancient Egypt.