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AGRICULTURAL ADJUSTMENT ACT -- established principle of governmentprice support for farmers and guaranteed farm purchasing power.

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National Industrial Recovery Act - The New Deal

NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL RECOVERY ACT -- minimum wages and selfregulation of industry --- ended in 1935.
130 "New Deal Budget Policies: A Review of the Huge Expenditures under the Roosevelt Administration and the Alarming Increase in the National Debt Despite the Most Burdensome Peace-time Taxes Ever Levied," July 27, 1936.

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30 "The AAA Amendments: An Analysis of Proposals Illustrating a Trend toward a Fascist Control Not Only of Agriculture but Also of a Major Sector of Manufacturing and Distributing Industries," April 22, 1935.


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The role of National Industrial Recovery Act in the history of the United States of America.
71 "Budget Prospects: A Discussion of the Choice between National Solvency and the Breakdown of Treasury Credit with Resulting Devastating Inflation and Chaos if the Administration Continues Its Flagrant Violation of Campaign Promises," October 21, 1935.

National Industrial Recovery Act: National Industrial Recovery Act, U.S
Minimum wages have been revised for different categories like Un- skilled, Semi- skilled, Skilled and Highly Skilled. The main characteristic of the instant revision of minimum wages is provision for escalation clause which provides for periodical revision in Special Allowance to be payable to the workers based on rise of fall in All India Consumer Price Index with Base year (2001=100). It is for the first time since 1975 that the element of Special Allowance as per the rise or fall in the CPI has been introduced in the minimum wage fixation.

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108 "Statement By National Lawyers Committee Of The American Liberty League: Prepared pursuant to authorization given in conference in Washington, January 25, 1936, and made public by direction of the Administrative Committee of the League," March 4, 1936.

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limiting or restricting the purpose, manner or extent of water use; requiring that the use of water from a water resource be monitored, measured and recorded; requiring that any water use be registered with the responsible authority; prescribing the outcome or effect which must be achieved by the installation and operation of any waterwork; regulating the design, construction, installation, operation and maintenance of any waterwork, where it is necessary or desirable to monitor any water use or to protect a water resource; requiring qualifications for and registration of persons authorised to design, construct, install, operate and maintain any waterwork, in order to protect the public and to safeguard human life and property; regulating or prohibiting any activity in order to protect a water resource or instream or riparian habitat; prescribing waste standards which specify the quantity, quality and temperature of waste which may be discharged or deposited into or allowed to enter a water resource; prescribing the outcome or effect which must be achieved through management practices for the treatment of waste, or any class of waste, before it is discharged or deposited into or allowed to enter a water resource; requiring that waste discharged or deposited into or allowed to enter a water resource be monitored and analysed, and prescribing methods for such monitoring and analysis; prescribing procedural requirements for licence applications; relating to transactions in respect of authorisations to use water, including but not limited to -
(i)the circumstances under which a transaction may be permitted; (ii) the conditions subject to which a transaction may take place; and (iii) the procedure to deal with a transaction;
prescribing methods for making a volumetric determination of water to be ascribed to a stream flow reduction activity for purposes of water use allocation and the imposition of charges; prescribing procedures for the allocation of water by means of public tender or auction; and prescribing -
(i)procedures for obtaining; and (ii) the required contents of, assessments of the likely effect which any proposed licence may have on the quality of the water resource in question.
(2) Regulations made under subsection (1) may -
differentiate between different water resources and different classes of water resources; differentiate between different geographical areas; and create offences and prescribe penalties.
(3) Regulations made under subsection (1), and may contain -
general provisions applicable to all waste; and specific provisions applicable to waste with specific characteristics.
(4) When making regulations, the Minister must take into account all relevantconsiderations, including the needto -
promote the economic and sustainable use of water; conserve and protect water resources or, instream and riparian habitat; prevent wasteful water use; facilitate the management of water use and waterworks; facilitate the monitoring of water use and water resources; and facilitate the imposition and recovery of charges.
Considerations for issue of general authorisations and licences

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expropriate the necessary rights in respect of that land for the benefit of the person undertaking the rehabilitation or remedial work, who will then be vested with the expropriated rights; and recover all costs incurred in connection with the expropriation, including any compensation payable, from the person for whose benefit the expropriation was effected.
(2) Where a servitude of abutment, aqueduct or submersion isexpropriated under this section, the Minister or water management institution responsiblefor the expropriation has the same rights as those vesting in the holder of a servitudeunder section 128. Condonation of failure to comply with time period