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In, The Old Man and the Sea, Hemingway conveys his opinions and his own life through themes and symbolism in the book....

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Ernest Hemingway completes his short novel The Old Man and the Sea

Earnest Hemingway successfully won a Nobel Prize on this theme by writing The Old Man and the Sea.
In the novel The Old Man And The Sea, Ernest Hemingway develops the concept of man coming to the realization that as he ages, his dependency on others will increase....

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Born Ernest Miller Hemingway on July 21, 1899, he was the sixth child of Dr.

Sadly enough, the country which stood for everything that mattered to Hemingway, his cosmic principles life and death, the struggle between them, and its manifestation in the form of bullfights, was destroyed by the Fascists.


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But the book that dealt exclusively with this topic was Death in the Afternoon in which Hemingway discussed the metaphysics of bullfighting, the ritualized, almost religious procedures of the blood-soaked spectacle.

For Hemingway the human existence was a struggle between light and darkness, between life and death, and the epitome of this struggle was the bullfight, Spain's national sport.

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Death was always present and always threatening but was, as in the Tibetan yin-yang symbol, linked to life, which Hemingway, considered most intense in the prospect of death.

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Both the Pulitzer Prize in 1953 and the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954 were awarded to him “for his mastery of the art of narrative, most recently demonstrated in The Old Man and the Sea, and for the influence he has exerted on contemporary style.” Bernard Berenson, close friend and renowned art critic praised, “No real artist symbolizes or allegorizes – and Hemingway is a real artist – but every real work of art exhales symbols and allegories....

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Considered one of his most famous and meaningful works, Hemingway’s novella details the journey of a poor but noble fisherman, Santiago, as he faces one of the greatest and most difficult struggles of his life....

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Ernest Hemingway, a passionate fisherman, successfully utilizes this technique in his Pulitzer Prize-winning novella, The Old Man and the Sea (Kinzer n.

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In creating the epic struggle between a monstrous Marlin and an old Cuban fisherman, Ernest Hemingway crafted an intricate web replete with symbols and allusions to Cuban culture, a country that served as his home for some time and the place where the novel was wri...