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In 1958, Luciano Leggio started a mafia war that lasted five years, and killed more than fifty people, starting with Dr. Michele Navarra, the former boss in Corleone.

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PRIMO Magazine, For and About Italian Americans.

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Unlike traditional mafiosi who, after an initial phase of illegality, managed to attain positions of respectability within their community, the new mafiosi lived a great part of their lives as fugitives from justice.
The development of Mafia activities on a larger scale beyond the confines of a quarter, a single large estate, or a township, particularly in the case of drug trafficking, brought with it a crisis of the traditional territorial demarcations between Mafia groups and led to the creation of a coordinating body, the so-called commission, which, however, did not fuse together the cosche into a single monolithic organization.


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This, in turn, led to an expansion of Mafia influence and Mafia pratices in the business sector.
The Mafia is not a single association but rather a system of deeply rooted alliances with close ties to the political power system.

the Calabrian mafia is believed to be Italy’s richest and most powerful organised ..
The changing internal structure and social position of the Mafia are explored within the broader context of changes taking place in the economic constitution of Sicily, the emergence of new political elites and Silicy`s status within the political system of Italy.

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The Italian authorities reacted by charging a number of criminal gangs in 1889 and 1890. Documents from these trials illustrate that the ‘ndrangheta originated in the Calabrian prison system in the late 19th century.

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