• The Fine-Tuning of Two-Dimensional Materials
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  • Professor Sang-Wook Cheong is director of the

Transparency Masters (The numbering of chapters in the transparency masters follows the eBook version of the text.)

Professor Greg Moore has been named as the recipientof the .

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At its June 15, 2017 meeting, the Board of Governors approved the promotions of:
Simulation of how differing b values affect the appearance of DWI images and how to calculate ADC. , simulated DWI imagesshowing bright CSF on the low b-value images and increased visibility of the left frontal stroke on the high b-value images. , plot of thelog of the signal intensity of different tissues (blue, CSF; gray, brain; brown, stroke) at varying b-values. The slope of the lineconnecting the point is the ADC. , simulated ADC image; areas of diffusion restriction, which have the flattest slope on the center plot, havethe darkest signal on the ADC image.

The Physics of MRI - University of Windsor

Natan, who will share the prize with Paul Wiegmann of the University of Chicago, is cited "."
Diffusion Gradients. As we have pointed out, diffusion can vary based on an underlying pathology; the ability to measure and compare the diffusion coefficients within anorgan is important for a growing number of applications, such as evaluating for acute stroke. An MR pulse sequence can be designed to be sensitive to moleculardiffusion, using similar concepts to those responsible for and .In particular, particles that move in between the application of two spatial gradient pulses will experience different gradient strengths (since they arein different positions).


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The Myth of the Scientific Method: Using Research Projects to Teach STEM in K-12
Professor Sunil Somalwar will receive the Rutgers . This award honors faculty members whohave made outstanding contributions in research and teaching, making visiblethe link between teaching and scholarship.

Alexander (Sasha) Zamolodchikov of the , has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences.
Sang-Wook notes that his former PhD student, Yew San Hor, currentlyan assistant professor at Missouri University of Science andTechnology, is also on the list.

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Prof. Lovelace bequeathed his entire estate to Rutgers University,endowing the Claud Lovelace Chair in Experimental Condensed MatterPhysics and the Claud Lovelace Graduate Fellowship.

Animated Introduction to MRI Physics

Rachel Somerville has been named a2014 Simons Investigator. She is one of only 16 mathematicians,theoretical physicist or theoretical computer scientists who havebeen selected as Simons Investigators in 2014. Rachel is cited for

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A very nice account of the contributions to the early days of stringtheory made by the late Rutgers Physics and Astronomy Professor ClaudLovelace can be found at the following website:

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David Maiullohas been named an inaugural Fellow of the American Association ofPhysics Teachers. Fellowship in the AAPT is reserved for "individualswho have made an exceptional contribution to AAPT's mission to enhancethe understanding and appreciation of physics through teaching."

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Pankaj Mehta, Rutgers Physics & Astronomy PhD (2006), has been nameda 2014 Simons Investigator. Pankaj, currently a Professor of Physicsat Boston University, received the award for his theoretical workwhich