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The Unix programmer often works with C-style text strings, which consist of the text followed by a , i.e., a byte equal to .

In pics: The crumbling remains of the Soviet Union's space programme

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The pitch of Jing-Hu is the highest among all instruments of the Hu-Qin family.
In assembly language finding the length of a C-style string is a snap. The x86 family of microprocessors come with with the instruction which searches for the first occurence of a byte whose value is equal to that of the register. The address of the start of the string itself has to be in the register. Technically, it is supposed to be in the , but we do not need to worry about that in the flat 32-bit memory mode anymore. When used along with the prefix, the instruction goes up (or down, depending on the flag) the memory, looking for the match.

The theme of “The Piece of String” is the injustice of humanity

The horse-hair of the bow is divided into two group that go between the four strings.
“Checking that waist-to-height ratio is less than 0.5 could not be simpler: all that is needed is a piece of string, not even a tape measure.”


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Dr Margaret Ashwell, Oxford Brookes University, UK, said: “This study not only supports our previous findings on the superiority of waist to height over BMI as a primary screening method for mor¬bidity and mortality risk, but also demonstrates the potentially severe im-plications of misclassification by BMI alone in screening for heart risk factors.

The village of Goderville, MaitreHauchecorne's home in "A Piece of String," is an actual place, located in Upper Normandy, between La Havre and Rouen, and not far from the River Seine.

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The study by Oxford Brookes University checked the health of 2917 people aged 16 years of over. They found that more than one third of those classified as ‘normal’ by BMI would have been flagged up by the piece of string method.

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But critics say that it can overestimate the danger posed to people with heavy bone structures, or large muscle mass, while missing ‘apple shaped’ people who are carrying dangerous levels of fat around their middle.

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The story itself is set in the 1880s.
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Solution: He tries relentlessly, but unsuccessfully, to persuade them that he was merely picking up a piece of string.

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Simply measuring height with string, folding it in half and checking that it can fit comfortably round the waist is a better way of discovering if someone is carrying too much body fat.

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Unfortunately only small number of people in China could play the instrument, because classical musical education of this kind has never reached general public.

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Later on Hauchecome dies as a guilty man still beseeching his innocence to anyone who will listen.
“The Piece of String” concerns several months in the life of MaitreHauchecorne, an old peasant and the protaginst of the short story.

Another character was an enemy of his, the antognist M.