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Mawu had two sons named Sagbata and Sogbo

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the quarrel between sagbata & sogbo  - African …

The Quarrel Between Sagbata and Sogbo - Prezi
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They combined all the 4 elements, Sagbata had air and earth and Sogbo had fire and water, together they cannot be stopped.
This goes into the message that as more people come together we can accomplish more than by ourselves.

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The quarrel between Sagbata and Sobgo results in a great _____
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The messenger bird
The messenger bird, Wututu.
What at the good and evil in this myth?
How are Thor and Loki like Sagbata and Sogbo?
Sagbata and Thor
Sogbo and Loki
Older brothers
Protected the Earth
Argued with sibling
Thor: Lightning bolt Sagbata: Fire and water
Thor: From Asgard Sagbata: From sky
Younger brothers
Want to control older brothers power
Rules in the sky
Loki: Never made up with brother Sogbo: Became friends with brother
Loki: A staff that zaps people Sogbo:thunderstorm
Culture of the Fon people
Believed forces were controlled by individual gods.
Known for battle skills.
Rain was unreliable.


The Quarrel Between Sagbata and …

The Quarrel between Sagbata and Sogbo,” and “Faraka: Gassire’s Lute,” pp
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Mawu gave wealth to Sagbata as being the older son.
Sagbata's power is also water and fire.
Sogbo's power is thunder and fire of the lightening bolt.

Sagbata's and Sogbo's Separation
After three years of no rain the crops died.
People cried to Sagbata that they had no food.
Told the people he'll fix it.
sky beings tell the people of Earth's prophecy.

The Quarrel Between Sagbata and Sogbo (Fon) Ghana
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had unlimited power
let no rain fall upon Earth.
The Drought....
Great Goddess (Mawu) created Universe.
Stepped down and handed power to her two sons.
Brothers couldn't get along.
Mawu heard her sons arguing and separated their powers.
Sagbata ruled over lower part of universe.(earth)
Sogbo ruled upper world.

This myth originated from the Fon people of Benin, Africa

Sagbata sent Wututu(bird) to Sogbo asking him to rule his part of the universe in return for water.
Wututu cannot be killed.
The two brothers remain friends.
It rains year after year.
The first message of this myth is the importance of the basics, and money and wealth isn't everything.
Sagbata argues with his brother over the wealth of their mother, he takes all the treasures and the universe but leaves behind water and fire because he cannot fit them with all his other treasures.
In reality he has nothing because Sogbo has all the power because he controls if the Earth ever has water again which is needed in order for life.

As the Earth population begins to struggle to live after 3 years without water Sagbata finally realizes that his wealth means nothing and owning the earth is useless because he does not have water and fire.

They ruled the universe together

He had no choice but to leave fire and water behind.
The Problem occurs
When Sagbata went to rule Earth, he realized that without water his universe couldn't survive!...The people of Earth were getting upset.
With his people upset with the rain withdraw, he told them it would be a few days until the rain would come.
One day, the boys had a great argument and finally Mawu said to them they will each have separate parts of the universe to rule.
The Separation
Sagbata ruled the
lower half of the universe.
Sogbo ruled the
upper half.
If you had to rule the universe with your brother or sister, would it work?
Sogbo's realization
Since Sagbata left fire and water behind, Sogbo realized that he was now powerful enough to rule both universes.
Sagbatas Decision
An African myth
A year passed, with no rain.
A second year passed, with no rain.
A third year passed...
still no rain.
The Sky-beings
When it hadn't rained in a while, Sagbata brought two sky-beings to tell him why it hasn't been raining.
The Sky beings said to him, "You and your brother are arguing but you want the same thing, If you are to live peacefully with your brother you must meet his commands."
Sagbata sent a messenger bird up to Sogbo saying that Sogbo may rule his part of the universe and have half the treasures in exchange for the water.
Sogbo's reply
Sogbo sent the messenger bird Wututu back with a message for Sagbata that said, "He was unwise to leave fire and water for whoever controls them controls the universe.

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Sagbata knew that his brother accepted his terms, and he was delighted.
After this Sagbata and Sogbo became friends, and Sogbo continued to rule in peace and lived on in harmony.
Sagbata, the oldest of the two brothers.
Sogbo, the youngest of the brothers.
Leaving the fire...
The rain
Characteristics of the myth:

Gods and Goddesses
Explanation of the the creation of the Universe
Ancient setting
A long time ago, there was a goddess Mawu
From Mawu came the Universe.
Can you make a prediction of why he is crying?
This means, Sogbo can control the fire and water on Earth, where Sagbata is.