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20 players included in the 2017 central contracts by Cricket Australia. Here is the Yearly Salaries Guaranteed Plus per match fees

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Average Player Salaries In The Four Major American …

Differences In Men's And Women's Salaries In Sports Show Female Athletes Experience The Wage ..
I have taken two courses at SMWW, and I now have opportunity in two different fields that I can possibly have a career in. The courses are a lot of fun, and very informative.

Australian Cricketer's Salaries 2017 (Central Contracts)

Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s salary nearly doubles that of the second highest-paid athlete.
Dr. Lynn Lashbrook, President and Founder of SMWW, has over 40 years of combined experience as an educator, coach, athletic administrator and registered NFL agent. Dr. Lashbrook manages the SMWW agency representing over 200 Agent Advisors and athletes worldwide.


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Salaries of professional athletes draw passionate debate on both sides of the issue
Sports Career Conferences: Throughout the year, Sports Management Worldwide hosts Sports Career Conferences at a variety of sporting events. These are fabulous networking events that put SMWW Alumni in the heart of the action. Opportunities to meet Head Coaches, GM's, Player Personnel, Scouts, and fellow sports agents are facilitated. Visit to learn more. SMWW Alumni receive discounts.

The lowest-paid male professional basketball player in America makes roughly $100,000 more in a year than the president
Our program works, and the success of our students prove it. SMWW graduates currently represent clients in every major league in the world, including the NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, Rugby, Cricket, MLS and the English Premier League.

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The Athlete Management course is a one of a kind, online interactive program designed for individuals who are passionate about developing a career as a sports agent. The course teaches all aspects of becoming an agent including recruiting, negotiating contracts, marketing, endorsements, legalities and regulations.

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The Athlete Management Course is designed with the end goal in mind; how to become a sports agent and begin representing professional athletes. It is the only sports agent course in the world, complemented by live weekly audio chats with certified agents in all the major sports.

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Our 8-week online course, taught by experts in the field of sports agency, will prepare you for a professional sports career as an agent in many sports:

Are athletes worth their hefty salaries

SMWW Director of Baseball is currently an active MLB Certified SMWW Director of Baseball. Oscar Suarez, is an active MLB certified agent with over 30 clients.

Suarez has a Masters in Accounting from the University of Denver and has managed the sports agency Suarez and Associates for over 26 years.

The native of Havana, Cuba will mentor those students interested in representing professional baseball players.

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SMWW Director of Hockey, and NHL Certified Agent SMWW Director of Hockey Manny Schmidt is an NHL certified agent and President of Link Management International Sports Agency.

Schmidt has successfully negotiated multi-million dollar transactions and professional contracts, has led the design and implementation of numerous specialized brand positioning and marketing campaigns and has facilitated the partnerships of various personal endorsement deals.

Schmidt, an Edmonton, Alberta native, will mentor those students interested in representing professional hockey players.