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Unlike today scientists during the Scientific Revolution didn’t see a dichotomy between science and religion....

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The Scientific Revolution laid down a foundation in which modern science is heavily based on.
Before the Scientific Revolution, the Bible or Greek philosophers such as Aristotle or astronomers like Claudius Ptolemy, whose ideas were sanctioned by the church, answered any questions regarding the natural world....

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An influential figure of the Scientific Revolution is Sir Isaac Newton.
The second part of the lesson plan should introduce students to both the medieval view of the universe and the Copernican view. This is important not only from the scientific point of view but also in terms of how people saw their place in the world vis-a-vis God and the "Great Chain of Being" (social hierarchy). At the end of this section, students should understand how the Scientific Revolution challenged scientific, religious, political and social traditions of early modern Europe.


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From these ideas, the Enlightenment was bred from the Scientific Revolution.
One of the predominant factors in this decline was the Scientific Revolution, the most important effect of these advances was making society question concepts of witchcraft.

With the Scientific Revolution, man became more curious about nature....
Renaissance, a revolutionary period in which people developed the study of arts, their new thinking skills become the leading cause of scientific revolution.

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The point of the first portion of this lesson plan is to root the Scientific Revolution firmly in the larger picture of early modern Europe. It should provide students with an overview of the period and make strong connections between other important events of this time including trade and exploration, increased support for higher education, the impact of the Reformation in terms of diminished power of the Catholic Church,

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2. To explain the discoveries of the Scientific Revolution and how they changed the way in which early modern Europeans understood the movements of planets and objects in general.

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It is the argument of this paper that the Scientific Revolution, whereby the shift from a geocentric to heliocentric model, was necessitated by the tools and socio-cultural conventions developed in response to emerging intellectual thought....

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Although their names rarely appear in history books, the female scientists of the Scientific Revolution still impacted the world of science in several ways....

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d. Then link each scientist with his patron, to explain the role played by monarchs and powerful nobility during the Scientific Revolution, and note the religious convictions of the patrons, i.e. were they Protestant or Catholic. Ask the students to come up with reasons why monarchs and nobles would fund these types of scientific research. What was the driving force behind their interest? How was it connected to the expansion of trade and increased government support for trade and exploration?