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Let’s see some similarities and differences between each Slavic language and Slovenian:

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Similarities between Slovenian and other Slavic languages

Here are some Slovenian and Russian words with the same meaning and writing, but different stress:
Russian has the same number of cases like Slovenian. The difference is just that in Slovenian we use and with prepositions, but in Russian the prepositions are usually used only in instrumental, which is the 5th case in Russian, and locativ the 6th (in Slovenian is the opposite).

similarities & differences between L1&L2 ..

Would anyone care to stress the differences between Catalan and Mallorquin? Thanks in advance!
Probably too late by now… But I would strongly warn against “learning the song in Spanish and then tweaking some words”. Catalan is not just a dialect of Spanish- not at all! Catalan is pronounced significantly different than Spanish, listening to the same person saying the same thing in both languages one can get an appreciation of just how different the two languages are.
As a music student, you must also know that singing a language can be significantly different than speaking it. But a Catalan speaker would certainly be helpful. There are a number of resources available online (which I’m sure you’ve found) which are dedicated to learning & speaking Catalan. It does have some tricky sounds and it is not written exactly phonetically, but it follows fairly easy to understand patterns and rules.


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The goal of this paper is to clarify the differences between ontologies and databases
So, the main differences. Keep in mind that so far, I’m a novice Catalan speaker. But my Spanish and French are fluent and my Portuguese intermediate, so I cleave a bit of linguistic authority that way. So here are some things I’ve noticed so far:

They’re both romance languages. They share vocabularies, grammatical structures, some expressions, etc. If you’re unfamiliar with language families, then about it. Other languages in the Romance Family include French, Italian, Romanian and Portuguese. There are others as well, including Valencian and Galician (also spoken in Spain). Galician is closer to Portuguese than Spanish, but Valencian and Catalan are closer to Spanish first and French second. All Romance Language share similarities.

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This article is meant to give some similarities and differences between Spanish and Catalan, and to try to understand why, in fact, I may not continue Catalan classes after all.