• Compare and contrast the views of different authors.
  • Find and talk with members of the other culture.
  • They examine the differences and similarities ..

- An area where a distinctive set of cultural traits develops, such as the Fertile Crescent and the Nile River Valley.

The philosophic base for and culture of fundamental research is

The philosophic base for and culture of fundamental research is

The culture of considering and introducing radical changes is
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We must accept that culture plays an important part in interactions between groups, learn how to identify cultural similarities, build upon them and develop strategies that will help to bridge the important differences.

5 Striking Similarities Between Indian and Japanese cultures

If possible, include novels, which often reveal the most about cultural differences.
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While still contained within the range for their culture, their views and behaviors differ significantly from that of their peers and may even look similar to other cultures.


Hinduism and Buddhism share some of the following similarities

Go, observe, meet people and get to know some of their cultural behaviors in social settings.
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"The more I study Hinduism and Buddhism, the more I realize how similar they are except for the fundamental differences. Both were born in the womb of the same Mother. Both grew in the light of the same wisdom. Both understood the implications of death and the need for a permanent solution. For example the deity of Death who is holding the wheel of existence in this Buddhist painting (of Kalachakra) is the same god of Death who is mentioned in the Upanishads and who manifests before Arjuna in the Bhagavadgita. He is also Rudra and Bhairava, and Mara and Yama. This image of Death, holding the wheel of existence in his Hands and between His teeth with fierce eyes and a terrible form, symbolizes mortality of life and the fact that in the end Death consumes us all." Jayaram V

The categories of the Wheel of Culture Map should make it easier to identify such differences.
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These factors are strongly influenced by the natural environment, social structures and the history of a cultural group, as well as by the specific situations or problems to be addressed.

Similarities and Difference between American and Asian Culture ..

The Spokes The spokes of the Wheel represent specific culturally-based patterns of belief and behavior that influence the interactions between individuals and groups.

What were the similarities and differences between Russian ..

The Outer Rim This section of the Wheel identifies the broad external factors that influence the development of a specific group's cultural approach to negotiations and conflict resolution.

Cultural Differences and Similarities between the …

A follower of Gandhi who believes that his or her rights have been violated may respond with satyagraha, or non-violent resistance - a far different reaction than that of a guerilla fighter who is a member of the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka.

Christmas Around the World: Similarities and Differences

overlapping talk - Problem-solving or negotiation processes - Preferred outcomes to problems or conflicts - Roles and functions of third parties - Management of time and timing - Use and set-up of venue and space The Wheel of Culture is an analytical tool that can be used as a guide.

Buddhism and Christianity - Wikipedia

At other times, particularly when an individual or group feels that basic survival is threatened or fundamental identity is at risk, they may make rigid demands or intimidating statements. While all cultures have similar minimal biological needs for survival, they differ significantly as to what they consider to be adequate satisfaction of these needs.