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Atticus is an ideal father because he displays a balance of comfort and support as well as discipline.

Atticus goes on to further teach valuable lessons of courage.

Scout Finch - The narrator and protagonist of the story

Atticus is one of the few people there who actually think it matters, and isn’t afraid to show it.
I hadn’t done any acting before this movie. My mother was a leading lady in a local theatre in Birmingham, Alabama, where I grew up. The theatre director had heard about the castings for To Kill a Mockingbird and told my mother to take me along. I remember going in and talking with the director Mr Mulligan and doing a little something on stage. A lot of the other wannabe actor kids had acts prepared but I just played around. I didn’t have any experience but I was about the right age, size and colouring to pass off as Atticus’s daughter. According to the talent scout, they had seen 4,000 children.

As a character, Atticus is even-handed throughout the story

The filming took place in California over five months. There was always lots of laughter. Philip Alford, who played my older brother Jem Finch, loved to play chess, so he and Atticus would play together for hours. And Philip and I got on like a real brother and sister. There was a lot of bickering, which in fact translated well on film. He and the other boys on set happily played together but then there was me who wanted to get involved in the fun. They didn’t want me playing with them so they would gang up against me.


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Atticus Finch is not a hero because he only had greater morals than the people of his time, he wanted to be a good role model for his children, and was only doing his job as a lawyer.

This film tells the story of a family who live in a small town. The mother has died and the father looks after his two children on his own. He is a lawyer who is asked to take on the highly controversial case of a young black man who has been accused of raping a white woman. My character, Scout, is a very intelligent, thoughtful child who has to grow up in the real world very quickly.

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Another way Atticus is an accommodator in Gladwell’s view because Atticus still allows Walter Cunningham be on the jury when he was part of the lynch mob to kill Tom Robinson.

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In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird (TKM) by Harper Lee Atticus Finch, Tom Robinson and Boo Radley are all metaphorically mockingbirds because they all were falsely accused of doing the right thing at the wrong time....

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Atticus Finch, a lawyer and single parent in a small southern town in the 1930's, is appointed by the local judge to defend Tom Robinson, a black man, who is accused of raping a white woman.

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In Harper Lee's, To Kill A Mockingbird, Atticus Finch is illustrated as a valued individual in the community of Maycomb, a man that legitimately believes that justice prevail, and also that is portrayed as a hero for all....