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Here fate punishes arbitrarily andmercilessly those who choose to confront the mystery.

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Inside the tragic life of reclusive Versace ..

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The conduct may be heroic andthe suffering just as intense on a physical level, but it is not in the sameSophoclean sense tragic, since individual existence is not over. And thepromise of the reward in an afterlife clearly endorses rather than challengesthe ethical norms by which the martyr lived and died..

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However grand and imaginatively appealing the tragicstance might be, it is essentially an act of defiance against the gods (orwhoever rules the cosmos) and will push the tragic hero to an series of actions(which he initiates in the full sense of his own freedom) culminating indestruction.


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Fate/Prototype is a Fate series based around the Second Tokyo Holy Grail War
Like Job, Oedipus isextraordinarily stubborn, resisting any pleas for moderation or limits on hisown desires for life on his terms. The main difference between Job andOedipus, of course, is that when fate reveals itself, Job bows down before it;Oedipus continues to defy it to the end.

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Fate has notestablished a reasonable covenant here with some clear rules and a happierfuture (as in Exodus), nor does fate offer a secure and valued life in thecommunity (as in ), nor is there any sense that Oedipus's fateis linked to some sin he has committed.

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And we do that because we are heirs to a tradition, now abouttwo hundred years old, which has attempted to deny the existence of fate in theold-fashioned sense I have been outlining above and to insist, by contrast, thathuman beings must be encouraged to take control over their own lives, to maketheir own rules, and where necessary to fight and conquer the given conditionsof life, which are not fatal divine presences but human problems, capable ofhuman solutions. We have all enlisted in the fight against Humbaba, thedivine monster in and our most cherished cultural belief isthat we can and will eventually win.

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And yetthere's no sense during the story that Oedipus is compelled to act the way hedoes: he freely chooses to initiate the chain of events which eventually revealshis fate to him.

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With all its surprising coincidences and twists of fate this riveting, psychologically astute and “unwinding” book, by the celebrated Irish novelist Catherine Dunne, could have merely become a soap opera. But Dunne’s probing style and sense of suffering, and the choices the heart makes, give it the sense and heft of Greek tragedy, spinning out its inevitable collisions and circumstances.

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Now, Hattie we haven’t seen in awhile. We last saw her in volume two, and I want to ask what you think of her reappearance in general, alongside her attempts to control her fate. Was the coven thing perhaps too strange? Was there too much erotic tension between her and Pearl? Not ENOUGH erotic tension? What about her arc stuck out for you?