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  • Sugar and Slavery: Diagramming the Triangle Trade
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The shipment would go to Africa, where the goods would be traded for people who were enslaved.

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Triangle Pump Service employees are among the best trained in their field in Ontario and Quebec.
FAËRIE: Tolkien contrasted the fairy (the mythic creature) with Faërie, the latter being both the Otherworld realm where elves and fey creatures held sway and more generally the sense of magic and wonder associated with that place. Tolkien's understanding of the term changed over the years of his writing and scholarship, and he happily used the term as both a noun and an adjective, but in general the following were traits of Faërie:


The description of the Triangluar Trade deals more with the goods as a whole.)
. Named Tisiphone, Euryale, and Alecto, these spirits would fly up from the underworld invisibly to punish murderers and those who contaminated holy places with . They would track down offenders via scent and then whisper madness and insanity in the ears of that guilty party. Like harpies (distinct but vaguly similar supernatural creatures), the Furies' forms mingled aspects of vultures and women. It was thought they would dance or stamp on the roofs of houses where such murderers lived, and they were associated with the cycle of bloodshed and vengeance rather than justice. They play prominent roles in the Oresteia trilogy, including Agamemnon.


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The above numbers are based on hundreds of perfect trades. See the  for definitions.
FANTASTIC SUBLIME: David Sandner's term for the way 19th century Romantic poetry, fantasy literature, and children's literature partakes of the . In ancient Roman aesthetics, Longinus long ago commented on the way that especially tall mountains, especially deep ravines, especially dark caverns, or especially bright lights can inspire in the viewer a sense of the sublime--a mixture of awe, beauty, and fear that could be simultaneously attractive and repellant or overwhelming. Although Sandner Sandner's focus was on 19th-century writers like George Macdonald, Kenneth Grahame, and Christina Rossetti, his observations are applicable to fantasy literature more broadly, in which fantasy writers often create in their works geographies and events in which overwhelming size, depth, distance, and so forth are striking features of those works..

Busted patterns (when the breakout is in one direction only to see price reverse and breakout in the opposite direction) oftenresult in strong moves. However, symmetrical triangles have a tendency to double bust -- the final breakout direction is the same as the originalone.

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The consolidation pattern of the symmetrical triangle forms as volume recedes. Then, price breaks out downward, but within a few days, pricereverses and shoots out the top of the symmetrical triangle, busting the pattern and leading to a strong move upward.

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Symmetrical triangles, sometimes called coils, are a popular chart pattern because they appear often and perform reasonably well in a bull market. This opinion is based not on the performance rank, which is mediocre, but on trading experience.

Description of the triangular route of the transatlantic slave trade

Later in the medieval tradition, Dante reinvents or rebrands the Furies (along with the gorgon Medusa) as symbols of madness. These spirits end up guarding the ramparts of Dis, the city of demons where intellectual sin faces Hellish punishments. In the encounter with the Furies, Virgil has to cover Dante's eyes to prevent his petrefaction. As a symbol of reason, Virgil is helpless against them and cannot bypass them until the divine intervention of an angel thrusts the evil spirits out of the way and forces open the drawbridge or gates blocking the path through the Inferno.