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The world would not know the full secret until 6 August, when the Japanese town of Hiroshima was bombed.

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noise & silence: The Hiroshima Panels & The Truth of War

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Raymond Woest, Fredericksburg, Tex., told how remembers of the 131st Field Artillery poured 75 caliber shells into the Japs for six hours outside Soerabaya before Java fell, killing an estimated 700.

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Shigeko Sasamori was 13 when the bomb exploded over her home city of Hiroshima.
The following anecdote indicates the spirit of the Japanese: A few days after the atomic bombing, the secretary of the University came to us asserting that the Japanese were ready to destroy San Francisco by means of an equally effective bomb. It is dubious that he himself believed what he told us. He merely wanted to impress upon us foreigners that the Japanese were capable of similar discoveries. In his nationalistic pride, he talked himself into believing this. The Japanese also intimated that the principle of the new bomb was a Japanese discovery. It was only lack of raw materials, they said, which prevented its construction. In the meantime, the Germans were said to have carried the discovery to a further stage and were about to initiate such bombing. The Americans were reputed to have learned the secret from the Germans, and they had then brought the bomb to a stage of industrial completion.


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Here you can meet Fireman Edward Matthews of Everett, Washington and the American destroyer Pope.
Hiroshima (Japan) (AFP) - Japan on Thursday marks the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima with the most senior official from Washington ever scheduled to attend memorial ceremonies.

In the city, the citizens of Hiroshima were trying to reach the Ota river to drink water.
All through the night I was moving this equipment so in the morning I was allowed to rest. When the bomb fell I was asleep. But when I awoke I saw the aftermath — some of my fellow soldiers were horribly burned.

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Walter Krueger’s army to arrive, the inmates are receiving humble bows and salutes from the Japanese officers who formerly ruled them with an iron red.

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Visiting many litters, talking lengthily with two general physicians and one X-ray specialist, gains you a large amount of information and opinion on the victims. Statistics are variable and few records are kept.

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of State Rex Tillerson, his nomination of CIA Director Mike Pompeo to take over the role of the nation's top diplomat and Deputy CIA Director Gina Haspel (who oversaw torture at so-called "black site" prisons during the George W.

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There are lots of memorials in Hiroshima — like the atomic bomb dome — but for me the most vivid image of the atomic bomb is the memory of those burned bodies.

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For two miles stretches a line of congested steel and some concrete factories with the residential district "across the tracks. The atomic bomb landed between and totally destroyed both with half (illegible) living persons in them. The known dead-number 20,000 police tell me they estimate about 4,000 remain to be found.

Infallible Catholic: Fatima Miracle in Hiroshima, Japan

Weller wrote a series of stories about what he saw in the city, but censors at the Occupation’s General Headquarters refused to allow the material to be printed.