• - Congress authorizes $4.5billion for the war.
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- Operation Game Warden beginsU.S. Navy river patrols on South Vietnam's 3000 nautical miles of inlandwaterways.

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 - Viet Cong organize themselvesinto battalion-sized units operating in central Vietnam.
- California Governor RonaldReagan says the U.S. should get out of Vietnam citing the difficultiesof winning a war when "too many qualified targets have been put offlimits to bombing."

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- Defense Secretary McNamara visitsSouth Vietnam and reports "we are winning the war."
- Clark Clifford convenesthe "Wise Men," a dozen distinguished elder statesmen and soldiers,including former Secretary of State Dean Acheson and World War II GeneralOmar Bradley at the State Department for dinner. They are given a bluntassessment of the situation in Vietnam, including the widespread corruptionof the Saigon government and the unlikely prospect for military victory"under the present circumstances."


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- During a secret meetingin the Philippines, Gen Wheeler informs Gen. Westmoreland that PresidentJohnson will approve only 13,500 additional soldiers out of the original206,000 requested. Gen. Wheeler also instructs Westmoreland to urge theSouth Vietnamese to expand their own war effort.

- Over300 Vietnamese civilians are slaughtered in My Lai hamlet by members ofCharlie Company, 1st Battalion, 20th Infantry U.S. Army, while participatingin an airborne assault against suspected Viet Cong encampments in QuangNgai Province. Upon entering My Lai and finding no Viet Cong, the Americansbegin killing every civilian in sight, interrupted only by helicopter pilotHugh Thompson who lands and begins evacuating civilians after realizingwhat is happening.

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During his campaign, Kennedy addresses the issue of his participationin forming President John F. Kennedy's Vietnam policy by stating, "pasterror is no excuse for its own perpetuation."

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- Senator Robert F. Kennedyoffers President Johnson a confidential political proposition. Kennedywill agree to stay out of the presidential race if Johnson will renouncehis earlier Vietnam strategy and appoint a committee, including Kennedy,to chart a new course in Vietnam. Johnson spurns the offer.

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Public opinion polls taken after the Tet Offensive revealed Johnson'soverall approval rating has slipped to 36 percent, while approval of hisVietnam war policy slipped to 26 percent.

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- Influential CBS TVnews anchorman Walter Cronkite, who just returned from Saigon, tells Americansduring his CBS Evening News broadcast that he is certain "the bloodyexperience of Vietnam is to end in a stalemate."

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For the North Vietnamese, the Tet Offensive is both a military and politicalfailure in Vietnam. The "general uprising" they had hoped toignite among South Vietnamese peasants against the Saigon government nevermaterialized. Viet Cong had also come out of hiding to do most of the actualfighting, suffered devastating losses, and never regained their formerstrength. As a result, most of the fighting will be taken over by NorthVietnamese regulars fighting a conventional war. Tet's only success, andan unexpected one, was in eroding grassroots support among Americans andin Congress for continuing the war indefinitely.