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02/07/2015 · Have you ever noticed kind of a gap? Sometimes it feels like there’s a bit of a disconnect between me and my non-homesteading friends. Ever been there?

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I like how TFA mentioned not revving the engine in winter. I would also add:
Never rev the engine.
No fast starts from stop light/signs
Accelerate at an even pace, it is not a race up to the speed limit
Drive nice and easy, no stomping on the gas, while the car is cold in all weather.
If you drive a manual transmission when you choose to up shift can affect your mileage drastically. Shift out of first at about 10mph. I let the cars momentum carry me up to 23ish before shifting to third. Same for fourth and fifth gear too. I get over 35mpg in the city!

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#1. Only matters if you drive an automatic, and then not very much.
#2. Seems to make sense. Yes, manual transmissions have synchros, but I imagine that the gearbox was not designed with the extra torque of rolling backwards in mind. On the other hand, first gear WAS designed to go from 0 to 3500 rpms in a second or two, so going from negative 10 rpms to 3500 in the same time period is probably not that much worse.
#3. Myth accoring to a prior comment who said that pumping the breaks is worse than steady pressure. No idea whether he’s right.
#4. 5k miles is probably a bit low for the upper limit between oil changes, but you can’t put if off forever.
#5. People pressure wash engines all the time, but having worked on a few cars, I can see how it could knock something loose every once in a while. Since there’s no non-aesthetic reason for doing it, probably better not to, but also probably not a huge deal either way.
#6. Myth. Even if there were no cut-off switch, a car engine can easily move several thousand pounds of steel and glass. The extra energy required to run the alternator a tiny bit harder in order to replace the drain on the battery coming from running the radio for a couple of seconds is minimal. I think the source of this myth is that in old cars with low batteries, the drain from the radio was sometimes enough to keep the starter from getting enough current, thus preventing the car from starting.
#7. Makes sense, though obvious.
#8. Agreed. Clean out your damn car!
#9. Myth. Think logically for a second about how the fuel gets out of the tank to be carried to the engine. Where do you suppose the opening in the tank is located? It has to be in a place that will still be submerged no matter how little gas is left in the tank. The only place that fits that description is the bottom of the tank. If there were sediment on the bottom of the tank it would get sucked in regardless of how full the tank was.
#10. Don’t suppose that I’ll go there…


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5-Pressure washing your engine won’t hurt a thing. Just don’t spray directly onto anything electrical on purpose. If it wasn’t meant to get wet wouldn’t there be a big cover on the bottom of your engine instead of a big hole?

On #5, one of my first jobs was washing cars at a local dealership and we washed the engine of every new and used car that came into that lot and I never ever had a problem with a car afterwards. We are talking hundreds and hundreds of cars and I bet most dealerships do the same thing. If it was ruining cars all the time they wouldn’t be doing it.

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I chose to be a single mom when I found out at 19.5weeks along and father no where in the picture . I knew it would be hard but never thought for a second that I’d stay single. My life definitely had ups and downs,more downs than I care to admit. I tried dating but after a few failed attempts of dating and being cheated on I decided that my child’s life needed stability,love, and all my focus. So from no job, and bankruptcy to a store manager and now home owner I have worked hard and am very proud of me and all we have accomplished together. Because my child was the driving force to my outcome. Even though the world looks at you and judges you it makes you stronger and capable of handling things sometimes better than two people because you become both mother and father and your perception becomes round and not flat. What makes me even more proud Is that through all the struggles my beautiful daughter has grown up into a beautiful young woman and is graduating this June. She is kind, caring, funny, beautiful, well loved, well travelled and very life lived already . she works at a nursing home and loves them just the same as if they were family. I wouldn’t change it for the world because we all make a choice, we all hope to make a difference but how we approach life makes the biggest difference of all. Now that she is grown I’m ready to enjoy me and make my years approaching fabulous to whatever they become. I think my choice was a good one and I believe i have done a great job at the my most important career of my life….. BEING A MOM. Single parents whether chosen or not you can do it. Male or female your making a difference today so a pat on the back to you. No matter how current you single status has become a challenge it will be but embrace it on a positive because the best gift you already have… Your child or children.

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hey Eric you are retarded about the alternator thing, if it was charging at the same rate it was releasing energy to start the vehicle it would be called perpetual motion and it would be 100%efficient which is impossible by the laws of physics. Dumbass