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03/07/2017 · Archaeologists have excavated an area of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello mansion and uncovered the slave quarters of Sally Hemings.

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The Jeffersons quickly installed the Hemings family in positions of responsibility at Monticello, presumably supplanting others. Betty Hemings may have supervised the household, Sally's older half-brother served as butler, and Robert Hemings accompanied Thomas Jefferson to Philadelphia as his personal servant in 1775 for the .

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In Jefferson's Virginia, was commonplace. Such relations were never equal; were always, to one degree or another, exploitative; and they ranged from the violence of rape to long-term and affectionate common-law marriage. While Sally Hemings was in Paris, her half sister Mary Hemings entered into a relationship with a Charlottesville merchant, Thomas Bell. When Jefferson returned from France, Mary Hemings asked to be sold to Bell, with whom she now had two children, in addition to two older children. Jefferson her request, although not before reclaiming the older children and charging Bell for the years Mary had worked for him. Bell eventually freed his two children and bequeathed his property to them.


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While master-slave relationships were tolerated locally, they could become a political liability. Evidence suggests that rumors had existed for many years about Jefferson and one of his slaves. In 1800, Jefferson, then and a Democratic-Republican, ran for president against the incumbent, John Adams, a Federalist. In June of that year, William Alexander Rind, editor of the Virginia Federalist, claimed to have "damning proofs" of Jefferson's "depravity," though he did not provide details. The next year, another of Rind's newspapers, the Washington Federalist, accused a "Mr. J." of having had "a number of yellow children and that he is addicted to golden affections."

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Sally Hemings would have been sixteen years old at the time Jefferson was preparing to leave Paris. "He desired to bring my mother back to Virginia with him," Madison Hemings told Wetmore, referring to Jefferson, "but she demurred. She was just beginning to understand the French language well, and in France she was free, while if she returned to Virginia she would be re-enslaved. So she refused to return with him. To induce her to do so he promised her extraordinary privileges, and made a solemn pledge that her children should be freed at the age of twenty-one years."

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In his , which were the product of an interview given to the Ohio newspaper editor S. F. Wetmore in 1873, Madison Hemings said that sometime during Sally Hemings's stay in Paris, she "became Mr. Jefferson's concubine, and when he was called back home she was enceinte [pregnant] by him." Wetmore later interviewed another former Jefferson slave, , who that "Sally Hemmings … was employed as his [Thomas Jefferson's] chamber-maid, and that Mr. Jefferson was on the most intimate terms with her; that, in fact, she was his concubine."

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Adams also described Hemings, with an inferred dig at the decision to entrust Polly with such a person, as "quite a child," although Hemings to be "15 or 16," rather than her actual age of fourteen. It was not clear whether Hemings would stay with Polly or return to Virginia, and, according to Adams, Captain Ramsey suggested that Hemings would "be of so little Service that he had better carry her back with him." When Adrien Petit, Jefferson's French butler, arrived in London to collect Polly, Jefferson's daughter fell into a fresh round of fits at her father's not coming himself. Ultimately, however, both girls left for France with Jefferson's servant. Hemings, it is reasonable to conclude, was sent to Paris because Polly wanted her there.

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Frederick Madison Roberts (1879-1952)
Descendant of Sally Hemings and Thomas Jefferson, first African American member of the California legislature.

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The Robert arrived in London on June 26, 1787, and Abigail Adams, whom Jefferson had recruited to receive the travelers, was appalled when Captain Ramsey delivered Polly ragged, hysterical, and furious at her father. Adams could hardly believe that the Eppeses had sent a young slave girl to accompany the child, although Adams that Hemings seemed "fond" of Polly and "good naturd."