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However, I think that Berlin reads far too much of his own thought into Machiavelli, producing an interpretation that is false to the text.

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Although found guilty and sentenced to life in prison, they were later pardoned.
The clearest expression of the kind of dilemma in which Caiaphas found himself comes in by Niccolò Machiavelli (1469-1527):

It must be understood, however, that a prince...

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The book Thoughts on Machiavelli, Leo Strauss is published by University of Chicago Press.
Thus, the implication of amorality or immorality in the passage above, although very limited if it is read carefully, contrasts with a passage in Machiavelli's own :

...those are held to be infamous and detestable who extirpate religion, subvert kingdoms and republics, make war on virtue, on letters, and on any art that brings advantage and honour to the human race, i.e.


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Thoughts on Machiavelli is a book by Leo Strauss first published in 1958
Although many people fled Europe for the United States in order to avoid conscription, it has now been put in force several times in America on the principal that it is "necessary" for the preservation of the individual freedom that would otherwise be permanently endangered by foreign conquest.

Stupified with their "benefits," people now do not appreciate this "Machiavellian" principle:

There can be no proper relation between one who is armed and one who is not []...

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As Jefferson wisely said, "they will purchase the voices of the people, and make them pay the price." Although the Founders of the country were on the watch for this, people are now dumbed-down and indoctrinated by "public education" not to notice.

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Machiavelli's advice on the treatment of one's citizens is the most revealing:

A prince...ought to encourage his citizens peaceably to pursue their affairs, whether in trade, in agriculture, or in any other human acitivity, so that no one will hesitate to improve his possessions for fear that they will be taken from him, and no one will hesitate to open a new avenue of trade for fear of taxes.

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The tyrannical, statist purposes behind the "gun control" movement are thus revealed, as are the principles of Machiavelli's viewpoint, where the most successful rulers must be those who achieve good government, while good government is that which fosters the liberty, security, and prosperity of the citizens.

His personal correspondence is renowned in the Italian language

[, , p.36]Thus, although Cesare Borgia is often thought of as the archetype of the amoral opportunist, Machiavelli's praise of him (, Chapter VII) in great measure depends on his judgment that he had secured "the good will of all the inhabitants of Romagna, who were beginning to get a taste of good government" [, p.31].

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Although not clearly delineated, Machiavelli often does speak as though the worthy and glorious state is the one, not only of secure and substantial dominion, but one where the lives, property, and prosperity of its citizens are secured.