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  • A Taser is a brand of electroshock weapon sold by Axon

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Irresistible brands have a magnetic appeal that evokes powerful consumer desire in the moment
Independently, NCBI KOG/TWOG/LSE families have been placed in 24 functional categories by Koonin and coworkers (). A mapping of genes to these categories is shown in . The NCBI classification has not yet been mapped onto GO, a much more structured and widely used system. However, NCBI functional annotations currently cover more of the genome (66% of protein-coding genes) than InterPro annotations. The single well-defined function that summarizes a truly disproportionate fraction of NCBI gene annotations (22.1%) is signal transduction; 21 other functional annotations all get much smaller sets of genes (0.2-6.5% apiece). 19% of genes have only a broad guess at their function, and 12% of genes are functionally unknown.

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External links. Tasers in medicine: an irreverent call for proposals — editorial in Canadian Medical Association Journal by Matthew B. Stanbrook, MD PhD, 2008; Taser laws by state and city, local and state, by Ryan R. Karpilo, 2012 <link does not work>; The Use of Conducted Energy Devices (Tasers) TELEMASP Bulletin, Texas Law …
Protein functions are often assumed to be not merely similar, but unchanged, between protein orthologs, and somewhat unchanged even between paralogs. For several proteins, this generalization has been experimentally supported (; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ). However, in some protein families, biochemical functions change more quickly than sequences do (). Conversely, divergent protein homologs can retain common function though sharing only a few key residues (). Furthermore, instances exist of a single biochemical function being independently generated in two or more distinct protein families through convergent evolution (; ). Similarity is a useful source of testable hypotheses about protein functions, but it is not a substitute for experimentally testing them.


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Candice Olson, host of HGTV's "Candice Tells All," created this living room that blends style and function. She says, "It's important to know what makes the most sense for your lifestyle and home, so don't choose colors, fabrics or even materials that won't work for your family, children or pets."
All of our watches featuring a date, or a second time zone, have a Double Pull Crown. This smart, simple feature allows the crown to be pulled out in two stages, the first for adjusting the date or second time zone, the second for stopping the movement and setting the time. With this function, the watch continues to indicate the correct hour, minute and second without interruption when adjusting the date or additional displays.

• Are usually identified by the fact that they are repeated • Read the text taking special note of those words or phrases which the author uses repeatedly (e.g., What is repeated in Proverbs 118 times in 915 verses and at least once in every chapter
In this learning module, you will be shown how to use Excel’s MID function to read any number of characters from a text entry and insert them in a cell of their own.

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You are developing a list of products that your company sells. Already included in the list are article codes and article groups. Now you want to add a column for the sales regions. The sales-region code appears in the 3rd and 4th positions of each article code. To complete the Sales Region column, you would like to use an Excel function to read just those two characters from each article code and insert them in the corresponding sales-region cell.

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"and also helps relax the patient." [He usesclassical music such as Vivaldi and Mozart.] Nash is one of manyphysicians around the country who are finding that music, usedwith conventional medical therapies, can help the sick in thehealing process.

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Figure 9. Overview of protein-encoding gene functions. Overview of protein-encoding gene functions, as summarized by InterPro families and their mapping to molecular function terms. This mapping uses a GOslim developed by the EBI for annotating entire proteomes in SwissProt (Camon et al., 2003).

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You have a list of your company’s international sales. Analyzing the data in that table, you want to find out how many sales were made in individual countries. Ideally, you would like to type in a country’s name and have Excel count and then display the number of sales made in that country. Excel’s COUNTIF function is suitable for this purpose. It counts the number of times a certain value is found within a given cell range.