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- Defense Secretary McNamara visitsSouth Vietnam and reports "we are winning the war."

Nearby are some of the countless underground Viet Cong tunnels

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This killed many innocent civilians, and failed to stop the Vietcong guerrillas.
- Inresponse to the two incidents involving the and, the U.S. Congress, at the behest of President Johnson, overwhelminglypasses the put forwardby the White House allowing the President "to take all necessary steps,including the use of armed force" to prevent further attacks againstU.S. forces. The Resolution, passed unanimously in the House and 98-2 inthe Senate, grants enormous power to President Johnson to wage an undeclaredwar in Vietnam from the White House.

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The flag of the Viet Cong, adopted in 1960, is a variation on the flag of North Vietnam.
Operation Plan 34A, CIA-run covert operations using SouthVietnamese commandos in speed boats to harass radar sites along the coastlineof North Vietnam. The raids are supported by U.S. Navy warships in theGulf of Tonkin including the destroyer which conductselectronic surveillance to pinpoint the radar locations.


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- The presidential palacein Saigon is bombed by two renegade South Vietnamese pilots flying American-madeWorld War II era fighter planes. President Diem and his brother Nhu escapeunharmed. Diem attributes his survival to "divine protection."

He fought as a Viet Cong from the late 1950s to the end of the war in the mid-'70s
- Operation Sunrise begins theStrategic Hamlet resettlement program in which scattered rural populationsin South Vietnam are uprooted from their ancestral farmlands and resettledinto fortified villages defended by local militias. However, over 50 ofthe hamlets and are soon infiltrated and easily taken over by Viet Congwho kill or intimidate village leaders.

would be today if the Viet Cong lost the war of 40 ..

As a result, Diem orders bombing raids against suspected Viet Cong-controlledhamlets. The air strikes by the South Vietnamese Air Force are supportedby U.S. pilots, who also conduct some of the bombings. Civilian causalitieserode popular support for Diem and result in growing peasant hostilitytoward America, which is largely blamed for the unpopular resettlementprogram as well as the bombings.

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- Viet Cong guerrillas nowcontrol much of the countryside in South Vietnam and frequently ambushSouth Vietnamese troops. The cost to America of maintaining South Vietnam'ssagging 200,000 man army and managing the overall conflict in Vietnam risesto a million dollars per day.

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- A Viet Cong victory inthe Battle of Ap Bac makes front page news in America as 350 Viet Congfighters defeat a large force of American-equipped South Vietnamese troopsattempting to seize a radio transmitter. Three American helicopter crewmembers are killed.

Marine Corps soldiers usher suspected Viet Cong members, ..

- The conflict widens as 26,000 VietCong launch several successful attacks on South Vietnamese troops. Diemthen requests more military aid from the Kennedy administration.

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Saigon celebrates the downfall of Diem's regime. But the coup resultsin a power vacuum in which a series of military and civilian governmentsseize control of South Vietnam, a country that becomes totally dependenton the United States for its existence. Viet Cong use the unstable politicalsituation to increase their hold over the rural population of South Vietnamto nearly 40 percent.