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Is a good manager automatically a good leader? What is the difference between leadership and management?

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What is the difference between a manager and a leader?

What differentiates a manager from a team leader
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What Differentiates Leadership from Management? | …

What Differentiates Leadership from Management
[…] Management and leadership are not the same thing. The difference is simple: you manage things; you lead people. Learn how to do more leading and less managing. […]


What’s the difference between a manager and a leader

Many large companies like their middle managers to be managers and not leaders. These companies say they want greatness, but often in reality they want consistency, even if it’s consistently mediocre. They want to treat their people as interchangeable parts. They’re afraid that otherwise they’ll be held hostage to their talented employees.

If a manager (by title) instead treats her workers as unique people with wants, needs, and hopes, and she understands that each person has unique strengths and motivations, this manager is most likely a leader. If this manager inspires her people to achieve more than they would on their own, she is definitely a leader.

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Even though I have felt it myself as a follower, I’m still amazed at how well people respond to a clear, consistent vision, the simple ability to trust someone in a leadership role, the comfort of knowing the person in front is credible, competent and values what you do, and this credible person believes that you can do it to the standard required even if it seems pretty impossible from here. It takes a while until people realise that they actually trust you, but then it takes off. The whole atmosphere has a charge to it, and the opposite situation has a whole ‘we’re doomed’ feeling instead.

What's the difference between leadership and management

When I was asked to take a consultant office who was not really turning in good work, and bring them to the level that the contract requires them to be (there were no consultants locally in this field in Asia who could already do the contract on the level we wanted) I had no idea how to do the leadership thing, especially as it involved a paradigm shift as well. So I did the only thing I could think of, I drew from my brief stint in the naval officers’ reserves and applied the traits I observed from those officers that I felt were good leaders. And to my relief, it worked.

is a great example of a leader, but he is not manager.

Leadership is people-focused. It is the words spoken and actions performed that inspire something deep within another person which leads that person to act independently to advance the interests of the team. Leadership is inspiring and influencing people to act in ways they ordinarily would not.

Leadership and Management: What is the Difference?

The flaws in that logic are obvious when those points are presented starkly in black and white. During the workday, however, it is difficult to differentiate between management and leadership because the world is moving at such a dizzying pace. If those things are not leadership, what is?