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7-6-2017 · We spoke with an expert, Stephen Kohn, on the differences between whistleblowing and leaking information.

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Both the and reported on the House and Senate Intelligence Committees' recent outrage at the volume of "authorized, intentional leaks" of classified sources and methods from the Obama administration.

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Aspects of the Toshiba case are reminiscent of the Olympus scandal in 2011. The fraudulent accounts were a legacy of previous management teams – decades in the case of Olympus, several years for Toshiba’s – and both were brought to light by whistleblowers leaking data.


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Edward Snowden Explains Why Leaking Information Is Important To Citizens
Additionally, the Obama's administration's "leak" policies demonstrate an undemocratic desire to control the flow of information to the public - not for the purpose of protecting intelligence sources and methods - but in order to protect or benefit the officials currently in power.

Don't go to the ATM just before you start leaking your information.
Both Democrats and Republicans on the Intelligence Committees are rightfully ticked off about the disparate treatment for so-called "leaks," especially considering the Obama administration has prosecuted more whistleblowers under the heavy-handed Espionage Act than all past presidents combined. Using the criminal justice system to target whistleblowers is damaging enough, but doing so while simultaneously "leaking" classified information that provides a political benefit is brazen hypocrisy.

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While making sure that any pro-administration talking points make it onto the front page, the Obama administration has aggressively prosecuted whistleblowers like and , who exposed government illegalities like warrantless domestic surveillance and torture.

Stifling dissent while promoting propaganda is not transparency.
Transparency is not limited to pro-government information. Real transparency means letting the public see their government's triumphs as well as its mistakes, so the public can make an informed decision based upon complete and accurate information.

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Much has been said and written about the motives of whistleblowers. For example, it is typical for whistleblowers to be characterized by management as disgruntled individuals may have fabricated elements of their disclosure. Others view whistleblowers as moral paragons. While truth depends on the individual, it should be understood that whistleblowers are not perfect individuals, and that motive should have little bearing on whether a person is considered a whistleblower. A malicious whistleblower may be just as right as an impartial one. Indeed, as motive is subjective – and likely to be interpreted differently by opposing parties – the most important factors should be the truth and relevance of the information in the disclosure.

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A new book about drone warfare is set to hit the shelves. None other than America's most famous whistle-blower, Edward Snowden, wrote the forward and explained how people who leak government information are vital to a society's freedom.

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Edward Snowden calls Jeremy Scahill, author of 'The Assassination Complex,' a person of 'courage and conscience.' Snowden celebrates the fact that whistle-blowing is becoming more and more common in the age of information.