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– African American Soldiers and the Civil War term papers look at the entry of black soldiers into the Civil War.

Trump has won the civil war where it counts -- with voters

The Russian Civil War had a very bad result for agriculture also.

- The Battle of Chickamauga Research Paper explores one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War.
Coast Guard Academy and has made over 250 appearances as a speaker on the Civil War to groups at the Smithsonian Institution, the NYC Military Affairs Symposium, the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, as well as to Civil War Roundtables in California, Washington State, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, and all the Mid-Atlantic states from New York to Virginia.

reminders of the Civil War off American landscapes — as if ..

Lee were the generals primarily responsible for the outcome of America’s great Civil War.
The legacies of the civil war were many, but among them were; hostility between the Irish state and what remained of the IRA, the enactment of extensive repressive legislation authorising internment and execution in emergency circumstances, the stripping of local government of much of its powers and their centralisation in Dublin.


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Fremont, or anyone else in the Union army in offering him a commission when the Civil War began.
British Colonel G.F.R. Henderson, the famed biographer of Jackson, made this point graphically in 1898: “A nation endures with comparative equanimity defeat beyond its own borders. Pride and prestige may suffer, but a high-spirited people will seldom be brought to the point of making terms unless its army is annihilated in the heart of its own country, unless the capital is occupied and the hideous sufferings of war are brought directly home to the mass of the population. A single victory on Northern soil, within easy reach of Washington, was far more likely to bring about the independence of the South than even a succession of victories in Virginia.”

Lee, on the other hand, had his choice of plum assignments for either side in the Civil War.
[…] Hanging next to the front door is an image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus bearing Willie’s name and that of his parents and 10 brothers and sisters. It is dated May 6, 1922, during the Irish civil war. […]

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Aside from the military confrontation between pro and anti-Treatyites, the absence of effective government and policing throughout the civil war saw a great deal of social and criminal violence. Three of those executed by the Free State were armed criminals rather than guerrillas. The Army was also used to disperse the pickets of a and in early 1923 a was deployed to put down land agitation and to break up farm labourers’ strikes across the south east. After the conflict however, the Free State managed to establish an unarmed police corps, the Garda Siochana.

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By the spring of 1923, the republicans’ campaign had been reduced mainly to destruction of property – such as the railway lines and the . A great number had been imprisoned – around 12,000. When in action in April 1923, his successor Frank Aiken, at the urging of civilian republicans under Eamon de Valera, called a ceasefire and then in May 1923 ordered their remaining fighters to ‘dump arms’ and return home – effectively ending the war. No surrender was called however and no formal end to the war was ever negotiated.

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Just ten days later, a confluence of events conspired to spark civil war out of the tensions over the Treaty. First a retired British general, Henry Wilson, was shot dead in London by two IRA members, who were later hanged. It has never been proved who ordered the killing but the anti-Treaty IRA certainly had nothing to do with it and it may even have been ordered by Collins himself in revenge for Wilson’s role as military advisor in Northern Ireland. The British blamed the IRA group in the Four Courts and threatened Collins that they would attack the Four Courts, using the 6,000 British troops still in Dublin, if he did not do it. Secondly, pro-Treaty forces arrested an anti-Treaty IRA officer Leo Henderson and in response the Four Courts garrison abducted a Free State officer, JJ Ginger O’Connell.

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However, what brought about civil war was the split in the ranks of the IRA. From February 1922, Collins began building a new National Army from pro-Treaty IRA units. In March 1922 the IRA called a convention and the majority repudiated the right of the Dail to dissolve the Republic. The two sides almost came to blows over who would occupy Limerick. In April a hardline anti-Treaty IRA group under Rory O’Connor occupied the Four Courts, the centre of the courts system in Dublin, in defiance of the Provisional Government and the Treaty. Michael Collins managed to avert bloodshed in the short term by organising a pact with Eamon de Valera to re-unite Sinn Fein and a similar initiative with the anti-Treaty IRA, which proposed joint operations against Northern Ireland.