Some excerpts from my Wartime diariesin the 4th Queen's Own Hussars

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Starting off with a bit of Anne Frank’s Diary.

From the July 2003 issue of  (VOL. 50, No. 7)
Private Clarke's diary shows the damage done by the jungle damp. Because of the high altitude, cold nights were a problem for the troops, as were mud, rain and hunger.

Robertson, "Guide Lines to the Penny Black" by P.

Hanna Leitgeb,  (monthly literary magazine), Berlin, Germany, May 2003
Thursday 12th. April 1945
Bit of stonking last night. Moved into area South side of Santerno river and waited for bridge to be slung across. After supper lined up with 2nd. Armoured Brigade column.
Friday 13th. April 1945
Moved over Santerno. Some M.G. nuisance and one H.E. about twenty yards away. Bags of prisoners, Kiss from Signora. "Liberatoris !". Chasing after tedeschis with 30 browning blazing!


Lichfield, "The Penny Post" by F.

Books on stamps, postal history, revenues or cinderellas including "G.B Medicine Stamp Duty" by M.
It is easy to imagine that the content of this diary of postwar society was too frank, too extreme, and too unsentimental for readers, in the face of the atmosphere of collective silence about the past and the determinedly stoic look-forward-not-back attitude pervasive during reconstruction.

Staff, "The Ship Letter Ports of the Thames Estuary" by A.
combine the domestic and the international. Follow the lives of her family as they are all affected by the wartime conditions that are imposed on her village near Skegness.

Proud, "Story of the Indian Post Office" by M.

We are to find out where we are going to night. We had to carry some secrete maps up today. While we were carrying the maps up, one fell open and we saw the name of Morocco. Monday night our Officers told us we were going to Casablanca. That is a town in Morocco, Africa. Nobody knows whether the French troops there are friendly or not. The sea has been fairly rough today and no excitement occurred.

Anand, "1854 Issue Essays, Proofs & Reprints" by J.

1936 / WINGFIELD" and signed by the pilot Tommy Rose on both sides, posted upon arrival in London W.C as a registered letter with 1/2d + 4d tied oval Charing Cross datestamps (Mar 9).

Spence, "British India Postal Stationery" by D.

A bundle of 112 damaged letters were recovered from the wreckage and forwarded with a note from the Johannesburg Postmaster; very few of these now survive.

Mooss, "Handstruck Postage Stamps of India" by H.

Charles F. Bruns lived in the East Central Illinois town of Champaign. A local athlete, ‘Chick’ joined the Army in 1941. In October of 1942 he was sent to the European Theater. During his tour he was able to keep is daily thoughts in a journal that is presented here.

Giles (+ supplement), "Overland Mail" by J.

1934 (Sep 29) Registered cover from Asuncion to South Africa bearing six Paraguay stamps including 1934 Graf Zeppelin 22 1/2p, Zeppelin label and cachets, circular "SERVICIO AEREO TRANSOCEANICO / CONDOR / ZEPPELIN / LUFTHANSA / PARAGUAY - EUROPA" and red "MIT LUFTPOST BEFORDERT / LUFTPOSTAMT / BERLIN C2" cachets, backstamped at Friedrichshafen (Oct 9) and Berlin.